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Amtrak’s Plan to Connect the U.S. – Railway Age

Written by Kevin Smith, Editor-in-Chief, International Railway Journal
September 14, 2021

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Biden has been a vocal supporter of the federally owned passenger operator for almost the entirety of its existence: from his days as a U.S senator when he would regularly ride the train from Wilmington, Del., to Washington D.C.; to his time as the U.S. Vice President, when he presented the Obama Administration’s plans for several short-lived high-speed passenger projects as part of a 2009 economic stimulus package.

Now as the 46th President, Biden has made rebuilding and reviving the country’s infrastructure, including its passenger rail operator, the signature policy of his first term. The American Jobs Plan was announced by Biden on March 31 and has since moved to Congress for debate and negotiation.

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The Administration hopes the legislation that emerges will satisfy Biden’s objectives so he can sign it into law this autumn. Inevitably, given the variety of views on the scale and ambition of the proposal on both sides of the political spectrum, there have been several compromises.

From a $2.3 trillion plan when Biden presented it, the Senate scaled it back to a $1 trillion initiative, including $550 billion of new spending.

However, the legislation took a significant step forward on Aug.10 when 19 Republican senators joined with their 50 Democratic colleagues to pass a bi-partisan Infrastructure bill, a move praised by Biden.

As it stands, the bill includes $66 billion for intercity passenger rail, with $22 billion of this figure set to go directly to Amtrak. This includes $6 billion for the Northeast Corridor, and $16 billion for the national network, including state-supported services.

Source: Amtrak’s Plan to Connect the U.S. – Railway Age

Academy Museum: Movie Exhibit Highlights – Sunset Magazine

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, set to open Sept. 30 in Los Angeles, offers much more than those famous ruby slippers.

By Jennifer Konerman  – September 13, 2021

Photo by Josh White, JWPictures/©Academy Museum Foundation
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Saban Building. Photo by Josh White, JWPictures/©Academy Museum Foundation

Just as the 2022 Oscars season is beginning (in earnest) for awards-hopefuls, the long-awaited Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is set to open in Los Angeles.

The museum, first announced more than eight years ago, opens its doors at 6067 Wilshire Boulevard on Sept. 30 with several exhibitions and screening programs in store.

The collections vary from technology and the history of cinema to behind-the-scenes props from famous moments in film (like matte paintings that you probably thought were real life).

On display (so far) will include The Wizard of Oz‘s famous ruby slippers, a Cinerama camera from 1954, Nightmare Before Christmas‘ original expressive heads of Jack Skellington, Shirley Temple’s tap shoes, an annotated script of To Kill a Mockingbird, and the head from Alien.

Source: Academy Museum: Movie Exhibit Highlights – Sunset Magazine

National Park Service to Hikers: Leave Dogs at Home – Sunset Magazine

Before bringing your furry friend on a hike, consider these important things.

By Teaghan Skulszki  – September 9, 2021

Courtesy of Barking Labs

Animal shelters emptied out amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people adopted furry friends to quarantine with through 2021.

But the adventures you may have planned with your pet may need some rethinking, according to the National Park Service.

The service is urging people to reconsider hiking with their dogs after three dogs died on the trails in July. Additionally, NPS and local search and rescue teams in Los Angeles and Ventura County reported about a half dozen canine rescues already in 2021, a year that has seen scorching temperatures across the West.

“Keeping canine companions safe during a hike requires planning and a heavy dose of realism,” Ken Low, an NPS ranger at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said in a press release.

Source: National Park Service to Hikers: Leave Dogs at Home – Sunset Magazine

12 Best Small Towns To Visit In South Carolina – TravelAwaits

By Melody Pittman, Sep.11.2021

Hammock Shops Pawley’s Island (Photo Credit: Sandra Chambers)

I think of excellent food, shag music and dancing, low-country culture, remarkable historic sites, and fabulous trees when South Carolina comes to mind. But, it is also an exceptional state to visit small towns with fewer than 25,000 people.

A visit can do wonders for your soul and curiosity and provide much-needed support and dollars to communities that really need them.

The 12 charming small towns to visit in S.C. that I included on my list have a significant historical element, beautiful scenery, or noteworthy attraction in them.

Source: 12 Best Small Towns To Visit In South Carolina – TravelAwaits

Train Travel in the U.S. Is Getting More Luxurious | Condé Nast Traveler

Upscale sight-seeing tours, new products from Amtrak, and planned high-speed routes are making U.S. train travel more comfortable and convenient.

By Barbara Peterson, September 7, 2021


Rail is on a roll, thanks to a new emphasis in Washington on infrastructure and the environment.

These efforts are boosting not just Amtrak’s fortunes, but those of private sector high-speed rail projects across the U.S. But will American travelers reap the benefits—as in, better and more reliable trains?

Train journeys have long been viewed as more sophisticated than traveling by either road or air, but train travel in the U.S. has long lagged behind Europe and Asia, where intercity trains are both high speed and high quality experiences.

In contrast, Amtrak has been plagued by aging rolling stock (some of its rail cars date back almost to its inception 50 years ago) and sagging on-time performance. That’s because the quasi-public company has spent much of its history battling congressional critics who’ve periodically voted to slash the line’s federal funding, arguing it’s a waste of taxpayer money.

Source: Train Travel in the U.S. Is Getting More Luxurious | Condé Nast Traveler

Which is your favorite? Here are the styles of BBQ in the Carolinas FOX8 viewers prefer |

by: Dolan Reynolds, Posted: Sep 3, 2021 / 01:47 PM EDT / Updated: Sep 3, 2021 / 04:37 PM EDT

A plate with eastern North Carolina style pulled pork BBQ, mac and cheese, potato salad, and hushpuppies (Getty Images)

Which style of Carolina BBQ is the best?

It’s an endless debate among North Carolinians we’ve all had at some point whether we wanted to or not. You may have even gotten flashbacks to heated culinary arguments with friends or family members in the past just by reading the question.

We asked FOX8 viewers to tell us their favorite style of Carolina BBQ and maybe vent some of their strongest opinions in the process, and they certainly responded. Lexington-style came out on top with a little over 55 percent of the vote.

But Eastern-style still has its fair share of fans with around 36 percent of voters saying they prefer it.

Source: Which is your favorite? Here are the styles of BBQ in the Carolinas FOX8 viewers prefer |