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Do dogs miss us when we are gone? A “talking” dog offers insights | Salon.com

The viral dog, who communicates with a series of buttons, is very curious where her friends are off to

By Nicole Karlis, Published October 10, 2021 10:00AM (EDT)

Bunny the talking Dog (Instagram/@what_about_bunny)

Any dog owner knows how hard it is to leave their pup for an extended period of time.

We wonder: Do they miss us when we’re gone? Do they know how long we’ve been gone for? Or even worse, do they think we’ve abandoned them?

The way humans are excitedly greeted by their dogs upon return — and the way many whine when we leave — suggests they recognize our absence, and mourn it. However, it’s hard to know what is really going on in a dog’s brain — perhaps they just miss the food we give them? — partly because we can’t really communicate with them.

Source: Do dogs miss us when we are gone? A “talking” dog offers insights | Salon.com

National Park Service to Hikers: Leave Dogs at Home – Sunset Magazine

Before bringing your furry friend on a hike, consider these important things.

By Teaghan Skulszki  – September 9, 2021

Courtesy of Barking Labs

Animal shelters emptied out amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people adopted furry friends to quarantine with through 2021.

But the adventures you may have planned with your pet may need some rethinking, according to the National Park Service.

The service is urging people to reconsider hiking with their dogs after three dogs died on the trails in July. Additionally, NPS and local search and rescue teams in Los Angeles and Ventura County reported about a half dozen canine rescues already in 2021, a year that has seen scorching temperatures across the West.

“Keeping canine companions safe during a hike requires planning and a heavy dose of realism,” Ken Low, an NPS ranger at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said in a press release.

Source: National Park Service to Hikers: Leave Dogs at Home – Sunset Magazine

National Dog Day 2021: Benefits of having a dog – CNN

By Sandee LaMotte, CNN, Updated 12:47 PM ET, Thu August 26, 2021

From article…

(CNN) If you have a dog and tell them it’s National Dog Day, I suspect they will reply: “I thought everyday was dog day! Now where’s my treat?”

As they woof that down, take a moment to reflect on all that your dog brings to you. Perhaps it is you, dear owner, who is getting the treat — the gift of good health.

Source: National Dog Day 2021: Benefits of having a dog – CNN

The Scout Report — Volume 27, Number 33 | DOG emotion and cognition course

August 20, 2021, Volume 27, Number 33

Dog Emotion and Cognition Course, Social studies www.coursera.org/learn/dog-emotion-and-cognition


Readers who want to understand canine behavior or just learn how to train their dog will benefit from Dog Emotion and Cognition.

Taught by evolutionary anthropologist and self-professed “dog guy” Brian Hare, this online course offered by Duke University digs into how dogs think and feel and how humans can use psychology to strengthen our connection with canines.

Videos and readings cover the evolution and domestication of dogs and dog communication, problem solving, behavior, and training, all through the lens of cognitive psychology. No prior knowledge is required. The course takes about 22 hours to complete in total and is self-paced with flexible deadlines that can be reset at any time. Learners who audit the course for free have access to view and read all course content except graded assignments.

Readers can click the “Syllabus” tab to preview the structure and content of the course. Video contents have subtitles available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Croatian, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, and Russian. Dog Emotion and Cognition is offered through Coursera, one of the world’s leading online learning platforms. [HCL]

Source: https://scout.wisc.edu/report/current

How ‘The Pet Revolution’ Unleashed A New Top Dog In America : Planet Money : NPR

By Greg Rosalsky, August 10, 20216:30 AM ET

The dog takeover

If you’re in the market for gourmet dog food these days, there are a lot of options for your pooch. I mean, if you’ve got bills to pay, you could buy a 20-pound bag of chicken flavor Pedigree kibble for $12. But Open Farm Pet offers a similar size bag of “Wild-Caught Salmon & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food” for $72. Not only does it have wild salmon, it’s got steel-cut oats, quinoa, chia seeds and “superfoods like coconut oil, pumpkin and turmeric.” Stella & Chewy’s offers a 22-pound bag blend of raw lamb, beef, and venison kibble for $86 and an 8-pound box of “Grass-Fed Lamb Stew” for $70.

The stew is “100% human grade,” which is perfect for the discerning carnivorous canine. But if your dog is the ethical type, he or she can chow down on Wild Earth’s vegan dog food. An 18-pound, meatless bag costs $70 and is chock full of plant protein and “irresistible umami flavor.”

Dogs have come a long way since the days when they were put to work on farms and fed scraps. They’ve even come a long way since just a few decades ago when they spent their nights in the doghouse. Dogs now sleep inside on orthopedic beds. They get top-notch healthcare and visits to psychiatrists who prescribe them antidepressants. They see acupuncturists and psychics. They get massages and spa days. They wear sweaters.

Source: How ‘The Pet Revolution’ Unleashed A New Top Dog In America : Planet Money : NPR

Amtrak goes all in on dogs (and pet fares add up) | WTOP

Amtrak has expanded its onboard pet travel options to include weekday Acela service. (Courtesy Amtrak)

Jeff Clabaugh | jclabaugh@wtop.com, March 4, 2021, 10:43 AM

Amtrak is looking for all the new passengers it can get with ridership still down about 75% from pre-pandemic levels, and that includes more dogs and cats.

Amtrak has expanded its onboard pet program to include weekday Acela trains. Previously, small pets in carriers were only allowed on weekend Acela trains. Pets are already allowed seven days a week on regular Northeast Corridor trains.

Pet fare is $26 per one-way trip (or 800 Amtrak rewards points), and its pet policy limits dogs and cats to no more than 20 pounds. They must remain in a carrier at all times.

Source: Amtrak goes all in on dogs (and pet fares add up) | WTOP