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Could Trump Be Convicted Of Criminal Charges? : Fresh Air : NPR

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‘New Yorker’ writer Jane Mayer talks about the criminal investigation into whether Donald Trump engaged in tax, banking and/or insurance fraud. If convicted, he could be sentenced to prison.

“The thing that’s most complicated about this case and makes it really hard is that in order for this to be a criminal act, they have to prove that there was criminal intent — that Trump intended to break the law and knew what the law was,” Mayer says.

Source: Could Trump Be Convicted Of Criminal Charges? : Fresh Air : NPR

#TrumpImpeachment #CNN #NewsTrump’s impeachment trial begins with stunning riot video 312,624 views •Feb 9, 2021

The video that proves (believe your eyes and ears)

Trump incited a riot of insurrection, and deserves impeachment, and never again hold any public office.

Warning: Graphic content, riot at Capitol

Biden administration works to clean house of Trump appointees

Washington (CNN) –Battle lines are forming across Washington as the Biden administration grapples with how to handle dozens of Trump loyalists the former President installed after the election. Over the past two weeks, the new administration has made an effort to remove a number of Trump appointees across various government agencies and boards. While some have gone quietly, others have not, raising questions about the legal authority President Joe Biden holds in removing his predecessor’s appointees, and how successful he will be in rooting out people he doesn’t want.


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