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Celebrating the Librarians of SFF | Tor.com

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Across fantasy and science fiction (with the occasional stop in horror), there are any number of amazing fictional libraries we’d love to visit—especially to meet up with the guardians of the stacks!

After all, what’s a fantasy story without an awe-inspiring tower full of potentially curséd books?

Or a sci-fi adventure without the cumulative knowledge of civilization stored somewhere to guide our heroes on their quest?

We decided it was time for an overdue celebration of the keepers of knowledge, from experts in Egyptology to far-future book-lovers fighting tyrannical governments to sword-wielding barbarians, we have a librarian for every occasion.

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Source: Celebrating the Librarians of SFF | Tor.com

Stories from Among the Stars – Macmillan Podcasts | Macmillan

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Stories from Among the Stars is an anthology series that shares thrilling science fiction audio stories–but only for a limited time.

Our first season was Steal the Stars, about forbidden love, a crashed UFO, and an alien heist.

This season, we’re sharing The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Hear the story of the human race as it stands poised to defend Earth from an alien invasion.

Set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution, The Three-Body Problem shows politicized factions forming as some humans prepare for war while others embrace the changes the invasion will bring. Listen or download by September 10, 2021 to hear the whole thrilling story.

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Source: Stories from Among the Stars – Macmillan Podcasts

Portals in Vilnius, Lublin give science fiction view hundreds of miles apart

Contributed by Benjamin Bullard Jun 1, 2021, 4:34 PM EDT

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Image above: Credit: VILNIUS TECH LinkMenų fabrikas (Vilnius)

A civic-minded team of scientists, city leaders and (we’re pretty sure) sci-fi fans has just hatched a cool idea that’s one part Stargate, one part Star Trek, and all parts awesome: placing a pair of high-tech public “portals” in two European cities, giving anyone who’s strolling past a real-time look into life as it’s happening hundreds of miles apart.

The pair of giant circular windows into other places have gone online in Lithuania and Poland, relying on massive video screens and the internet to give people a visual, if not quite physical, connection.

The debut installation from a team called the PORTAL project, they’re the first of what the team hopes is several more two-way portals connecting far-away people and places across the world.

Both portals are in high-traffic public areas; one is near a train station in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius; the other is located in the central square in Lublin.

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Source: Portals in Vilnius, Lublin give science fiction view hundreds of miles apart

These Materials Could Make Science Fiction a Reality

Metamaterials, which could improve smartphones and change how we use other technology, allow scientists to control light waves in new ways.

By John Markoff, April 27, 2021

James Yang

Imagine operating a computer by moving your hands in the air as Tony Stark does in “Iron Man.”

Or using a smartphone to magnify an object as does the device that Harrison Ford’s character uses in “Blade Runner.”

Or a next-generation video meeting where augmented reality glasses make it possible to view 3D avatars. Or a generation of autonomous vehicles capable of driving safely in city traffic.

These advances and a host of others on the horizon could happen because of metamaterials, making it possible to control beams of light with the same ease that computer chips control electricity.

Source: These Materials Could Make Science Fiction a Reality

Director Neil Burger’s ‘Voyagers’ launches a colony ship to the stars | Space

The long-haul spaceship of director Neil Burger’s “Voyagers.” (Image credit: Lionsgate)

By Jeff Spry, 3 days ago

Writer-director Neil Burger is well known for his provocative cinematic projects, most notably 2006’s period-set magician movie “The Illusionist,” 2011’s psychological thriller “Limitless,” and a trio of “Divergent” films adapted from author Veronica Roth’s young adult sci-fi novels.

Now Burger has his eyes fixed on the stars with his new science fiction adventure flick, “Voyagers,” which revolves around the perils inside a generation spaceship carrying 30 home-grown candidates on a one-way mission to settle an exoplanet 86 years from Earth.

Source: Director Neil Burger’s ‘Voyagers’ launches a colony ship to the stars | Space

Short Life Lessons From Jack McDevitt |

Last Updated on March 29, 2021

Jack McDevitt is an American science fiction novelist. He has over 20 novels available in print, ebook, and audio, stories that frequently deal with attempts to make contact with alien races, and with archaeology or xenoarchaeology.

McDevitt has won multiple awards including the International UPC Science Fiction award for Ships in the Night, a Nebula for Seeker, a Campbell Award for Omega, and the Robert Heinlein Lifetime Achievement Award.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? Did you have any particular experiences/stories that shaped your adult life?

I grew up in South Philadelphia. Was a boy scout. Today I’m still in touch with the scoutmaster’s family, which is scattered all over the USA. My mom encouraged me to read, and provided books. Discovered Superman & Dick Tracy on the radio when I was about five. Enjoyed baseball. Couldn’t have had a better time during those early years.

–Jack McDevitt

Source: Short Life Lessons From Jack McDevitt | WorldClassPerformer.com