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Rolodex retired.. 30 years later…

A Sample Card in my old Rolodex, before retirement…

Here’s some information and snapshots of some of the contacts and information I had in my faithful Rolodex. This year, just this week, I’ve retired it, mostly sans regrets, but it was a truly valuable resource.. contacts you make can be golden.. and you never know when they will be of deep and true value.. in your work, or your life…

Travel agent, handled all my business and personal travel for years…

Research Gold…

This reminds me of some of the best information-fact-finding strategies I learned from my business and research colleagues in the information and research field.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
  1. Find out WHO knows what you need to know. Then, act.

    Call them, email them, contact them directly.
    Human personal contact should never be shied away from; it’s the best fount of information.

  2. Pearl-spinning, sometimes called pearl-growing, is a technique related to the above, in finding out WHO knows what you need to know. Find the closest resource to your answer, the best “almost” resource, and then look at its title, its subjects, its keywords, its references.

    Somewhere in that accumulated (you gathered it) metadata is the next thread you should follow, so spin that find into a pearl, and dig deeper… you are closer than you realize to the answer you seek…

Below is an eclectic list from the old Rolodex, some places of work, colleagues, people I met at conferences and conventions, work places, film business, vendors, librarians, etc. Other are there for various reasons and contacts. Contact me for any more background or details.

For many years in the profession, I was in SLA (Special Libraries Association), and went to their annual meetings for 14 years straight. I was in the Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition (FAN) Division of SLA, while I worked in research information/patents at W.R. Grace & Co., and I planned the Pittsburgh conference for FAN, among other association activities. The Division changed in 2011.

 Tymnet - 2400 baud - 301-528-9296
 The Academy of Food Marketing, Saint Joesph's University,
   Philadelphia, PA
 Access Innovations, Inc. - Albuquerque, NM
 Alpine Inn - Little Switzerland, NC
 America Online, Inc. - Dulles, VA
 AOL Networks - San Mateo, CA
 Apple Computer, Inc. - Cupertino, CA
 ASIS, American Society for Information Science
 Autumn Inn - Northhampton, MA
 Aubergine Information Service (Reva Basch) - Berkeley, CA
 Barbara Quint (writer/editor) - Santa Monica, CA
 Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN) - Cambridge, MA
 Peter Benedesk (attorney) - Beverly Hills, CA
 Bernan, UNIPUB - Lanham, MD
 Information Today - Medford, NJ
 Brentwood Entertainment - Thousand Oaks, CA
 BRS, Latham, NY
 Korn/Ferry International - Atlanta, GA
 Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) - Columbus, OH
 San Diego Supercomputer Center - San Diego, CA
 CAPCON - Washington, DC
 Cargill - Minneapolis, MN
 InfoQuest! Information Services - Portland, OR
 Chandler's Crabhouse - Seattle, WA
 Census Bureau - Washington, DC
 The Coca-Cola Company - Atlanta, GA
 Commerce Clearing House (CCH) - Los Angeles, CA
 CompuServe - various locations
 Scholes Library of Ceramics - Alfred, NY
 Clemson University - Clemson, SC
 College of Charleston - Charleston, SC
 Congressional Quarterly, Inc. - Washington, DC
 Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. - Salem, MA
 Copyright Office, Library of Congress - Washington, DC
 Cryovac Division, W. R. Grace & Co. - Duncan, SC
 Datasearch - Ithaca, NY
 Dataquest - San Jose, CA
 Dun & Bradstreet - various locations
 DataTimes - Oklahoma City, OK
 Data Trek - Calsbad, CA
 Defense Technical Information Center (DTEC) - Washington, DC
 DIALOG - Arlington, VA
 Disclosure - Bethesda, MD
 Document Center - Belmont, CA
 Dow Corning Corporation - Midland, MI
 Dysart & Jones Associates - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 EBSCO Publishing - Birmingham, AL
 Elsevier - New York, NY
 Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities,
   San Francisco, CA
 Enoch Pratt Free Library - Baltimore, MD
 EXXON Corporation - Irving, TX
 FAXON Company - Glendale, CA
 FDA, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition,
   Washington, DC
 Federal Information, Washington Service Bureau - Washington, DC
 Financial Times - various locations
 FIND/SVP - New York, NY
 William Fisher, Graduate Studies, San Jose State University,
   San Jose, CA
 FOI Services, Inc. - Rockville, MD
 Foreign Business Information, Annual Reports Service
   St. Louis, MO
 Frito-Lay, Inc. - Irving, TX
 Gaylord - Syracuse, NY
 Georgia Institute of Technology, Economic Development
   Institute, Atlanta, GA
 Glaxo Inc. - Research Triangle Park, NC
 GPO, Government Printing/ Publishing Office - various locations
 Hersey Foods Corporation - Hershey, PA
 Hughes Aircraft Company - Torrance, CA
 INFOGLOBE, The Globe & Mail - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Information on Demand (IOD) - Berkeley, CA
 The Information Store - San Francisco, CA
 Inktomi Corporation - San Mateo, CA
 Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) - Philadelphia, PA
 International Trade Information Resources - Brooklyn, NY
 The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Medicine,
   Baltimore, MD
 Learned Information, Inc. - Medford, NJ
 LEGI-SLATE - Washington, DC
 Lexis-Nexis - Dayton, OH
 Library of Congress - Washington, DC
 Majors - various locations
 Maricopa County Library District - Phoenix, AZ
 Martin Marietta Laboratories - Baltimore, MD
 Mead Data Central - Dayton, OH
 McCormick & Company, Inc. - Hunt Valley, MD
 Moody's Investors Service - New York, NY
 National Fire Protection Association - Quincy, MA
 National Geographic Society - Washington, DC
 National Ground Water Information Center - Dublin, OH
 National Information Center for Educational Media,
   Albuquerque, NM
 The National Library Bindery Company - Roswell, GA
 National Library of Canada - Ottawa, Canada
 National Translation Center - Washington, DC
 Netscape Communications Corporation - Mountain View, CA
 Niebaum-Coppola Store - Palo Alto, CA
 North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The University of
   Tennessee (Fred Stoss), Oak Ridge, TN
 OCLC - Dublin, OH
 ORBIT Search Service - McLean, VA
 The Pillsbury Company - Minneapolis, MN
 Predicasts - Cleveland, OH
 Price Waterhouse - St. Louis, MO
 Rapid Patent Service - Arlington, VA
 Rolls-Royce, Inc. - Atlanta, GA
 Royal Society of Chemistry - London, England
 San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG),
   San Diego, CA
 San Diego County Law Library - San Diego, CA
 San Diego State University, Government Publications Division,
    Library - San Diego, CA
 Sea Breeze Inn - Cape Cod, MA
 SOLINET - Atlanta, GA
 Smithsonian Institution - Washington, DC
 Spacesaver - various locations
 Space Telescope Science Institute - Baltimore, MD
 Special Libraries Association (SLA) - Washingon, DC
 STN International - Columbus, OH
 StorageTek - Louisville, CO
 Tampa Bay Library Consortium, Inc. - Tampa, FL
 Torry Research Station - Aberdeen, Scotland
 UMI - Ann Arbor, MI
 University of Hawaii, Hamilton Library - Honolulu, HI
 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC
 University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC
 University of South Carolina,
    School of Information Science - Columbia, SC
 W. R. Grace & Co., Washington Research Center - Columbia, MD
 Westinghouse Savannah River Company - Aiken, SC
 World Resources Institute - Washington, DC

116th Congress: By the Numbers – DailyNewsGems

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“There’s a storm brewing.

“And it appears to be radiating from the 116th Congress.

“Ever since Congress swung open its doors in January, the new legislative body has been active advancing a progressive agenda, including stricter background checks for gun owners, climate change (“Green New Deal’), Medicare for All (single-payer health care), ramping up its oversight and investigations power on the activity of pharmacy benefit managers and health insurance mergers, while  delivering a sharp rebuke to President Trump’s proposal for funding the border wall in the southwestern area of the country.”

Thanks to DailyNewsGems and Bill Lucey for the article…

Source: 116th Congress: By the Numbers – DailyNewsGems

The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t – The New York Times

Editor’s Note: Not a research library after all, and no documents except online.. not so good, even in the 21st Century…

“But the center, which will cost an estimated $500 million, will also differ from the complexes built by Barack Obama’s predecessors in another way: It won’t actually be a presidential library.In a break with precedent, there will be no research library on site, and none of Mr. Obama’s official presidential records. Instead, the Obama Foundation will pay to digitize the roughly 30 million pages of unclassified paper records from the administration so they can be made available online.”

Unlike the complexes of previous presidents, the Obama Center will be privately run and will not include a federal research library onsite. Instead, his unclassified official records will be digitized and made available online. Credit The Obama Foundation
Unlike the complexes of previous presidents, the Obama Center will be privately run and will not include a federal research library onsite. Instead, his unclassified official records will be digitized and made available online. Credit: The Obama Foundation

The Key to a Long Life Has Little to Do With ‘Good Genes’ | WIRED

Alphabet’s longevity lab Calico trawled through Ancestry’s massive genealogy database to study human longevity—and found that DNA matters less than people have long believed.

Source: The Key to a Long Life Has Little to Do With ‘Good Genes’ | WIRED

Lab dog to lap dog: Research animals get new lease on life

Eight states have passed laws requiring research institutions to offer healthy dogs and cats up for adoption, rather than killing them.

Source: Lab dog to lap dog: Research animals get new lease on life