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Aside: books & tablets (technology) | FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Screenshot from episode of television show “Manifest”

While watching S3 E4, “Tailspin,” of “Manifest,” on NBC, I saw this intriguing image of a tablet and a book. It made me think of the ways technologies (of now and the future) often integrate and merge with older technologies (i.e. books in this case).

I was thinking about how television didn’t replace radio –it changed it and made it different, but it’s still there.

Modern technology tools like smartphones and tablets are not going to replace the old technology, books. They will change how the two or more work together, and shape the world, and are useful in ways we cannot truly imagine yet…


The best summer books, according to our readers – The Washington Post

By Stephanie Merry, May 27, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. PDT

(The Washington Post illustration)

Summer reading means different things to different people.

Case in point: The subscribers to our Book Club newsletter answered a recent call-out to share the books they’d recommend for the months ahead, and let’s just say this isn’t your typical roster of beach reads.

Gilgamesh and Herodotus were among the cerebral choices that made the cut, among an eclectic crowd of others.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/summer-books-reader-recommendations/2021/05/26/9067cc96-b741-11eb-a5fe-bb49dc89a248_story.html

How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity | The New Yorker

A brave band of scholars set out to save us from racism and sexism. What happened?

By Louis Menand, August 19, 2019

The celebrated cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, photographed in 1930.Photograph from Irving Browning / The New-York Historical Society / Getty

Editor’s note: Includes audio of article…

Not that long ago, Margaret Mead was one of the most widely known intellectuals in America.

Her first book, “Coming of Age in Samoa,” published in 1928, when she was twenty-six, was a best-seller, and for the next fifty years she was a progressive voice in national debates about everything from sex and gender to nuclear policy, the environment, and the legalization of marijuana. (She was in favor—and this was in 1969.)

She had a monthly column in Redbook that ran for sixteen years and was read by millions. She advised government agencies, testified before Congress, and lectured on all kinds of subjects to all kinds of audiences.

She was Johnny Carson’s guest on the “Tonight Show.” Time called her “Mother to the World.” In 1979, the year after she died, President Jimmy Carter awarded her the Medal of Freedom.

Source: How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity | The New Yorker

Matthew McConaughey’s Travelogue Is The Ultimate Father’s Day Book

By Joe Sills, ContributorTravel

Matthew McConaughey’s new book, “Greenlights,” follows his journey from a high school foreign … [+]
Vida Alves McConaughey

It began with Ziploc bags. Inside each, the fragmented collection of journals, napkins, tape recordings and travel trinkets that Matthew McConaughey had been storing since he was a teenager came to light again.

As the Academy Award-winning actor began to unpack them, he found himself transported once again to his past—to Texas, Australia, Malibu and the turbid waters of the Amazon.

This week, as Father’s Day approaches, I sat down with McConaughey to talk about those adventures, many of which are chronicled in his new book, “Greenlights.” Editor’s note: See more about the book here:

Book cover…

Editor’s note: Read on for the rest of the interview…

Source: Matthew McConaughey’s Travelogue Is The Ultimate Father’s Day Book

20 Books Every Man Should Read in His Lifetime | Men’s Journal

By Perri O. Blumberg

Courtesy Images

Books are transportive, eye-opening, life-affirming.

Whether you’re jonesing for your next adventure or looking for a bit of inspiration, get all that and more from these glorious reads.

They’re our top list of books every man should read in his lifetime.

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