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Press Releases IMLS 2012 Public Libraries Survey Report Issued

Washington, DC—In 2012, Americans made 1.5 billion trips to public libraries in the United States—the equivalent of more than 4.1 million visits each day, according to new research by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The research indicates there is still a high demand for the resources and services of the nation’s approximately 9,000 public libraries.

via Press Releases IMLS 2012 Public Libraries Survey Report Issued.

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A Message of Farewell | UpNext: The IMLS Blog

When I was tapped to lead IMLS and arrived in Washington, D.C. from the west coast, I didn’t know what to expect. I had experience running large public library systems from Seattle to San Francisco and had led the California State Library system. But, I knew advancing the work of libraries and museums in the charged Washington political landscape could be a different beast entirely. What I found was a city filled with smart people with a passion for their work and a staff dedicated to the agency’s mission of inspiring museums and libraries. With the support of the Administration, Congress, and many effective national associations, I feel I was able to accomplish a great deal during my four-year tenure. IMLS is now in a better position than ever to support our nation’s libraries and museums.

via A Message of Farewell | UpNext: The IMLS Blog.

California State Library logo
California State Library logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Susan will be missed in IMLS and Washington.. she gets things done, a very active traveler, and provides solid leadership. We welcome her back to California, however, so welcome back, Sue!