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Howard Rheingold: “Changes” — Stayin’ Alive In Technology

Apr 8, 2020 | Podcast

Photo Credit: Chris Michel


When Howard Rheingold was on our podcast last year, he offered a holistic view of how history weaves technology, the human mind, and society together. Given all that is happening with the coronavirus and the state of daily life right now, we decided to invite Howard back onto the podcast to ask him for his perspective on this moment in history.

Seeing as Howard was the one to coin the term “virtual community” many years ago, we asked him for his thoughts on the current profusion of online learning and online communities. He shares his predictions for how our world might change for the long-term—from conferences to learning to  human cooperation—even after this virus is long gone. Enjoy hearing from this man who is a champion of hope, community, and the belief that we’re all in this together.


Source: Howard Rheingold: “Changes” — Stayin’ Alive In Technology

2021 Library Systems Report | American Libraries Magazine

Advancing library technologies in challenging times

By Marshall Breeding | May 3, 2021

Illustration: Tom Deja

In a year complicated by a global pandemic, the community of vendors providing technologies to libraries made important strides to meet pressing needs and make ongoing progress in their longer-term initiatives.

Though the pandemic disrupted library services—as well as funding—in 2020, concerted efforts were made to fulfill the demands of users to the extent possible.

Almost all vendors made sharp turns to expand access to digital collections and services in order to compensate for diminished access to physical materials.

Source: 2021 Library Systems Report | American Libraries Magazine

Snapshot: The Android feature you didn’t know you needed – TechRepublic

Jack Wallen introduces you to a Google Assistant feature that will help kick off your day with efficiency and ease.

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by Jack Wallen in Mobility on May 4, 2021, 11:43 AM PST

The Android developers are always sneaking in new features to the mobile platform.

Some of these features make the tiniest ripple in an already vast ocean, while others make waves. However, sometimes those ripples have a cumulative effect and can make a big difference in how people use their devices.

More important, some of those tiny ripples help to make Android easier to use and more efficient.

Such is the case with Snapshot, a feature you had no idea about and didn’t realize you needed. This feature is a part of Google Assistant and gives you (as the name suggests) a snapshot of your day.

Source: Snapshot: The Android feature you didn’t know you needed – TechRepublic

The End of Legacy Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Books, TV Networks)

By Jakob Nielsen on August 22, 1998

Modern technology on screens…

Most current media formats will die and be replaced with an integrated Web medium in five to ten years.

–from article..

Legacy media cannot survive because the current media landscape is an artifact of the underlying hardware technology.

Whenever the user experience is dictated by hardware limitations, it is a sure bet that something better will come along once these limitations are lifted.

Source: The End of Legacy Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Books, TV Networks)

Editor’s Note: Predictions and article from 1998.. how did he do?

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Is rewatching old TV good for the soul? – BBC Culture

With the amount of new shows to choose from reaching overwhelming levels, increasingly audiences are choosing to rewatch their favourite series instead. David Renshaw explores why.

(Image credit: Alamy)

By David Renshaw, 27th April 2021

Over the past year, when staying at home has been government mandated in many parts of the world, it has fortunately never been easier to find something new to watch on TV.

Whether it is a talking-point reality series, a beloved and twisty crime thriller, or whatever new comedy or drama Netflix and Amazon with their multi-billion dollar budgets have added to the content abyss, viewers are spoiled for choice on the small screen.

There are entire websites to help you navigate what’s on all the different streaming platforms, while social media can often be indecipherable to those who haven’t caught the latest episode of their favourite show.

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