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Scientists Just ‘Looked’ Inside Mars. Here’s What They Found | WIRED

InSight and Perseverance have sent back unprecedented data on everything from marsquakes to the Red Planet’s inner layers.

By Katrina Miller Matt Simon, Science, 07.22.2021 02:00 PM

Illustration: Nicolas Sarter/IPGP

While humans have been struggling to control the Covid-19 pandemic, baking in record heat, and trying to figure out how not to run out of water, our spacecraft on Mars have been enjoying a rather more tranquil existence.

(Not needing to breathe helps.) Parked on the Martian surface, the InSight lander is listening for marsquakes, while the Perseverance rover is rolling around in search of life.

This week, scientists are dropping an Olympus Mons of findings from the two brave robots. In three papers published today in the journal Science—each authored by dozens of scientists from around the world—researchers detail the clever ways they used InSight’s seismometer to peer deep into the Red Planet, giving them an unprecedented understanding of its crust, mantle, and core.

It’s the first time scientists have mapped the interior of a planet other than Earth. And yesterday, another group of scientists held a press conference to announce early research results from Perseverance, and the next steps the rover will take to explore the surface of Jezero Crater, once a lake that could have been home to ancient microbial life.

Source: Scientists Just ‘Looked’ Inside Mars. Here’s What They Found | WIRED

Making Room in the Crowd: Library Teleworkers Transcribing in Extraordinary Times | The Signal | library of congress

Published July 20, 2021, by Trevor Owens

In today’s post, By the People community managers Carlyn Osborn, Lauren Algee, and Abby Shelton reflect back on changes in their program since March 2020. Launched in 2018, By the People is a volunteer engagement and collection enhancement program at the Library of Congress that invites the public to explore and transcribe documents on the Library’s website, When transcriptions are completed by volunteers, they are integrated back into the Library’s online catalog, where they become fully searchable and readable by accessibility technologies.

The title page of Patton’s earliest war diary, 1916, which documents his participation in the Mexican Punitive Expedition, organized to capture Pancho Villa. As a result of staff transcribers, this diary is now full text searchable.

Fifteen months ago, the By the People crowdsourced transcription program was in a different place.

We had launched fewer than a dozen campaigns representing 50,000 pages from the Library of Congress collection on, and recruited and registered around 12,000 volunteers. Compare this to July 2021, where we now have 24 campaigns representing over 500,000 pages, with 25,000 registered volunteers. As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded in March and April 2020, activity on our site more than doubled and suddenly we were seeing demand for Library of Congress virtual volunteering like never before.

During this transformational and challenging time, we were also asked to introduce an entirely new user group to By the People: fellow Library of Congress staff. As our buildings largely closed to the public fifteen months ago, many staff (including us) transitioned to telework. For some Library of Congress staff, it was possible to do their normal work remotely, but for many, it was necessary to identify new kinds of remote projects. In this context, as an already 100% virtual program, we were able to provide safe opportunities for our colleagues who needed to rapidly shift to remote work.

Source: Making Room in the Crowd: Library Teleworkers Transcribing in Extraordinary Times | The Signal

New Flickr Album: A Corn-ucopia of Pictures | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

July 15, 2021 by Barbara Orbach Natanson

The selection of pictures shared in our latest album posted on the photosharing site, Flickr, made me reflect not only on the strong associations in my own past between summer and corn on the cob, but also how fertile corn’s visual potential is.

In fact, corn has traditionally been a symbol of life and fertility, particularly among the native peoples of the Americas, so I was delighted to see how artists and designers realized corn’s ripe possibilities in a variety of contexts.

Possibly my favorite is this musically inclined fellow composed of corn cob, leaves, and tassels (a composition that simultaneously demonstrates the rich linguistic play the word corn offers–I didn’t appreciate until I read the description that he is playing the cornet!):

Source: New Flickr Album: A Corn-ucopia of Pictures | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

How Vegas Is Embracing Sustainability—for Real | AFAR

Huge solar arrays, electric transportation, and recycled masks are all playing a part.

By Matt Villano, Jul 12, 2021

Photo by Zhukova Valentyna / Shutterstock
All those lights need a lot of power.

Las Vegas—arguably America’s capital of consumption—is gradually getting more sustainable. The latest milestone: A 100-megawatt solar array that can deliver up to 90 percent of daytime power to 13 Las Vegas resort properties, including Bellagio and Park MGM.

The “Mega Solar Array” was unveiled earlier this month and is sending all its power to casino operator MGM Resorts, which has exclusive rights to its energy for the next 20 years. It’s a really big deal, both literally and figuratively.

As of this writing, it’s the largest solar array anywhere in the world.

Source: How Vegas Is Embracing Sustainability—for Real

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