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When I was tapped to lead IMLS and arrived in Washington, D.C. from the west coast, I didn’t know what to expect. I had experience running large public library systems from Seattle to San Francisco and had led the California State Library system. But, I knew advancing the work of libraries and museums in the charged Washington political landscape could be a different beast entirely. What I found was a city filled with smart people with a passion for their work and a staff dedicated to the agency’s mission of inspiring museums and libraries. With the support of the Administration, Congress, and many effective national associations, I feel I was able to accomplish a great deal during my four-year tenure. IMLS is now in a better position than ever to support our nation’s libraries and museums.

via A Message of Farewell | UpNext: The IMLS Blog.

California State Library logo
California State Library logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Susan will be missed in IMLS and Washington.. she gets things done, a very active traveler, and provides solid leadership. We welcome her back to California, however, so welcome back, Sue!