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Lucid Dreaming: What Your Brain’s Really Up To In This Sleep State | Glam

By Saskia Ainsworth | March 5, 2023 6:00 am EST


Has a dream ever felt so real that you were sure that you were living it? Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that happens to millions of us across the globe and has reportedly occurred in at least 55% of adults, according to Sleep Foundation.

Those who lucid dream often report that their dreams feel like real life and that they can control what happens as if it was happening in real time. Bizarrely, many lucid dreamers are often aware that they are dreaming too. However, those who study this type of dream are still unsure of the exact cause.

While much of the lucid dreaming world remains a complex mystery to scientists, there are some aspects of it that they do understand. Currently, they have a basic understanding of when and how this unique dreaming state happens, which at least provides some answers. In the meantime, many lucid dreamers continue to enjoy the freedom they find themselves with while they are sleeping, taking the opportunity to explore their inner thoughts and wildest dreams. So, what do scientists know so far about this magical dreaming state?

Source: Lucid Dreaming: What Your Brain’s Really Up To In This Sleep State