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Great tale of romance, books, compatibility.. thank you for sharing! -from a fan of “Relic,” book and movie, and Preston and Child, and the inestimable Pendergast…

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Reposting in honor of our “first date” anniversary. I don’t do Valentine’s day. 😉

My husband continues to tell me it is time I admit to our first date. Since I love him….relic

As I may have noted in previous posts, my second official job was working for a retail computer software store. Yes, I was the only girl working there. Anyway, I had also mentioned my laziness. I hated looking up sku numbers to obtain product information or pricing. It really wasn’t that difficult to do. I just had to walk maybe 10-15 feet to the back office, log into the system and type in the title of the product. Easy, but I refused to do it. Instead, I discovered how helpful the store in a neighboring city was. Even their manager, Keith (I think was his name), was very helpful. But unlike Keith, the rest of the…

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