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Baltimore restaurant owner drove 6 hours to cook for customer with cancer – The Washington Post

Steve Chu, co-owner of Baltimore’s Ekiben restaurant, holds the bag of finished entrees he and business partner Ephrem Abebe, background, made for a customer who has terminal cancer. They are standing in the parking lot of the customer’s Vermont condo building, where they cooked the food on March 13. (Brandon Jones)

By Cathy Free, March 18, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. PDT

The request came in late on a Thursday afternoon to restaurant owner Steve Chu. One of his customers had terminal cancer, and her son-in-law wondered if it would be possible to get the recipe of her favorite broccoli tempura entree so he could make it for her at her home in Vermont.

Chu, 30, specializes in Asian fusion cuisine and is the co-owner of two Ekiben locations in Baltimore. He read the email on March 11 and instantly knew that he could do better, he said.

He quickly replied with an alternative suggestion:

“Thanks for reaching out,” he wrote. “We’d like to meet you in Vermont and make it fresh for you.”

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/03/18/ekiben-restaurant-baltimore-cancer/

(50) An Update from Alex | JEOPARDY! – YouTube

We are pulling for you, Alex.. as you resume chemotherapy for that cancer, keep fighting…

Cindy Stowell | Contestants | Jeopardy!

I’ve been watching this series of her shows this week, and it’s wonderful to see her competing and winning.. I wished that Jeopardy could have adjusted their probably advance schedule (tournaments, etc.) so her shows could have aired, and she could have seen them with friends and family.. perhaps they gave her tapes/DVDs of her shows, I don’t know.. RIP Cindy, you were a true Jeopardy champion!

Jeopardy! contestant, Cindy Stowell, achieves her Jeopardy! dream while battling cancer.

Editor’s note: See also this The New York Times story: NY Times story on Cindy

Source: Cindy Stowell | Contestants | Jeopardy!