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The Art of the Murder Mystery: The 10 Best Whodunits, Ranked | MOVIEWEB

By Brian Hawkins, Published 5 days ago

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Murder, mystery, intrigue, and the machinations of the macbre hold a lot of what movie-goers find most entertaining and thrilling about storytelling.

Found within the idea of not-knowing, the classic “Whodunit?” offers something in the foundation of its conception that other genres do not: An active role for each viewer as a guest-detective.

The best murder mysteries/whodunits do just that, they bring the audience into the story, taking them on a ride, introducing characters, obstacles, and setting, to deliver the poignant punch of mystery.

This mystery is what captivates each movie-goer and puts them on both a chase and a race to the finish line, as viewers are tantalized by the mystery and galvanized in their participant-watcher role of both trying to inwardly figure out “who did it” while watching the plot unfold toward the ultimate revelation that either confirms their suspicions or gives them the best “A-Ha!” moment.

Over the years, there have been several movies that have done this extremely well. Here are some of those, ranked.

10/10 Clue (1985)

Clue (1985)
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Based on the original board game of the same name, Clue revolves around six guests who are mysteriously invited to a mansion for a dinner, but when the host of the dinner is murdered, the guests and the attending staff are all suspects as they attempt to figure out who is the killer. The movie is considered a brilliant comedy while simultaneously offering a great mystery to solve.

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Source: The Art of the Murder Mystery: The 10 Best Whodunits, Ranked