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People Are Sharing Professions That They Think Won’t Exist Soon, And It’s Weird To Think About | Buzzfeed

“Mark my words. Animators. AI will start doing animation work for big companies sucking the people’s souls and hard work out of the art form. Just you wait! Why pay people to animate when you can teach AI to draw each frame by frame for you at lower cost value?”

by Ryan Schocket, BuzzFeed Staff, December 29, 2022

Davidf / Getty Images

Here’s what people said:

1. “Taxis drivers — thanks to Uber and Lyft.”


2. “Legit telemarketers trying to sell legitimate things over the phone. Does it still exist? I can’t remember the last time I got a cold call from an actual company trying to sell a product.”


3. “Porno shop worker. I worked in them for 10 years in the early ’00s, and they’re now either closing down or changing stock to nothing but sex toys.”


4. “Drive-thru workers. McDonald’s autonomous setup will be industry wide, I predict.”


Source: Professions That Won’t Exist Soon