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February 14, 2022 by, Neely Tucker

 All-Story Magazine, cover, Oct. 1908.Artist: Harry Grant Dart. Prints and Photographs Division.

The Library’s Free to Use and Reuse copyright-free prints and photographs are among the most popular items in the Library’s vast collections.

They’re great images from days gone by and they’re yours for free!

You can check out the pictures in travel posters, autumn and halloween, weddings, movie palaces and dozens more. You can download them, make posters for your home or wallpapers for your phone.

Let’s check out a few from our aircraft collection. As the 1908 illustration above shows, we have a very liberal definition of “aircraft.”

A Pan American travel poster from the late 1940s. Artist: Mark von Arenburg. Prints and Photographs Division.

This contraption, with a nattily-attired couple purring through the heavens, appears to be akin to a two-seater convertible with wings, perched below a zeppelin. Our heroine has taken the wheel and her gentleman companion is, no doubt, mansplaining how to Fly This Danged Thing.

Source: Free to Use and Reuse: Aircraft! | Library of Congress Blog