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Las Vegas History | Las Vegas News Bureau 75th Anniversary

75 Years of Capturing Las Vegas History

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The LVCVA [Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority] Archive has nearly 7 million images, 11,000 pieces of film and video, and 1,300-linear-feet of manuscripts and artifacts.

The largest collection in the LVCVA Archive is the Las Vegas News Bureau Collection, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022.

As we continue the celebration throughout the year, we will reveal new photo collections that showcase the destination’s rich history. We encourage you to download your favorite images and share them on social media, use them as a Zoom background, or save them as your personal Las Vegas history keepsake.

View Collection: https://www.lvcva.com/who-we-are/75th-anniversary-gallery/

Source: Las Vegas History | Las Vegas News Bureau 75th Anniversary

About BHL – Information about the Biodiversity Heritage Library

By BHL, Noted July 18, 2022

About the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Source: Flickr image, Edinburgh journal of natural history and of the physical sciences.
Edinburgh [etc.] :Published for the proprietor [etc.],1835-1840.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is the world’s largest open access digital library for biodiversity literature and archives. BHL is revolutionizing global research by providing free, worldwide access to knowledge about life on Earth.

To document Earth’s species and understand the complexities of swiftly-changing ecosystems in the midst of a major extinction crisis and widespread climate change, researchers need something that no single library can provide — access to the world’s collective knowledge about biodiversity.

While natural history books and archives contain information that is critical to studying biodiversity, much of this material is available in only a handful of libraries globally. Scientists have long considered this lack of access to biodiversity literature as a major impediment to the efficiency of scientific research.

Headquartered at the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives in Washington, D.C., BHL operates as a worldwide consortium of natural history, botanical, research, and national libraries working together to address this challenge by digitizing the natural history literature held in their collections and making it freely available for open access as part of a global “biodiversity community.”

See also: Images on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/biodivlibrary/sets/

Source: About BHL – Information about the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Free to Use and Reuse: Aircraft! | Library of Congress Blog

February 14, 2022 by, Neely Tucker

 All-Story Magazine, cover, Oct. 1908.Artist: Harry Grant Dart. Prints and Photographs Division.

The Library’s Free to Use and Reuse copyright-free prints and photographs are among the most popular items in the Library’s vast collections.

They’re great images from days gone by and they’re yours for free!

You can check out the pictures in travel posters, autumn and halloween, weddings, movie palaces and dozens more. You can download them, make posters for your home or wallpapers for your phone.

Let’s check out a few from our aircraft collection. As the 1908 illustration above shows, we have a very liberal definition of “aircraft.”

A Pan American travel poster from the late 1940s. Artist: Mark von Arenburg. Prints and Photographs Division.

This contraption, with a nattily-attired couple purring through the heavens, appears to be akin to a two-seater convertible with wings, perched below a zeppelin. Our heroine has taken the wheel and her gentleman companion is, no doubt, mansplaining how to Fly This Danged Thing.

Source: Free to Use and Reuse: Aircraft! | Library of Congress Blog

New Flickr Album: A Corn-ucopia of Pictures | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

July 15, 2021 by Barbara Orbach Natanson

The selection of pictures shared in our latest album posted on the photosharing site, Flickr, made me reflect not only on the strong associations in my own past between summer and corn on the cob, but also how fertile corn’s visual potential is.

In fact, corn has traditionally been a symbol of life and fertility, particularly among the native peoples of the Americas, so I was delighted to see how artists and designers realized corn’s ripe possibilities in a variety of contexts.

Possibly my favorite is this musically inclined fellow composed of corn cob, leaves, and tassels (a composition that simultaneously demonstrates the rich linguistic play the word corn offers–I didn’t appreciate until I read the description that he is playing the cornet!):

Source: New Flickr Album: A Corn-ucopia of Pictures | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

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