How much water should you drink in a day? | Popular Science

The answer isn’t as simple as you might think.

By Claire Maldarelli | Published Sep 21, 2021 8:00 AM

Morphart via Deposit Photos

There are many luxuries in life, but water is decidedly not one of them.

Most of us are aware that we all need the liquid to survive, but exactly how much of it is necessary is surprisingly complex. There’s a popular notion that we all need to be chugging eight cups of water everyday for optimal health.

While it is true that staying hydrated will certainly help contribute to your body working at its best, there’s no evidence to suggest that consistently drinking eight glasses of water a day is needed. In reality, each person’s water intake needs vary, and they depend on a number of factors, including how much exercise you get, the weather conditions of where you are, what you eat, and other health conditions you might have.

Taking all these factors into account, the purported eight glasses a day just doesn’t work for most people. And our bodies already have an easy way to tell us if we need water: thirst. You can quickly replenish your lost fluids with a good helping of water. The human body has a carefully calibrated system for deciding when it needs more hydration and by listening to its cues, you can ensure you stay on top of your hydration needs.

Source: How much water should you drink in a day? | Popular Science