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The Big Chill – Movies Filmed in South Carolina

via The Big Chill – Movies Filmed in South Carolina

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One of the movies/films I worked on in the 1980s, when I was living in Charleston, SC.. we filmed it in Beaufort, SC, and a few scenes (some not included in the film) were also shot in Atlanta, GA…

“Tidalholm Mansion was prominently featured in The Big Chill as the house where the old friends come together. It is located at 1 Laurens Street in downtown Beaufort and is a private residence. Tidalholm also appears in The Great Santini, filmed just a few years earlier in 1979.”

Here’s a few other recent items about the film and the house in the filming, Tidalholm: – Tidalholm was sold in 2017 for 1.76 million… – includes some real fine photos from the mansion and grounds… Living names Tidalholm “the most famous historic house in South Carolina.” – undated brief essay about the home, wistful and nostalgic tale… – there’s also a Facebook page for Tidalholm…