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12 ways to make your retirement better for the planet – MarketWatch

From where you live to how you spend, small things can make a difference.

By Steve Vernon and Harry Moody, July 1, 2022, Updated July 2, 2022

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Today’s preretirees and retirees face several financial challenges in addition to concerns about the world we leave our children and grandchildren, as described in the first part of this series.

To face these challenges, we’ll need to make many small, medium, and large steps in our lives that will improve our finances while helping to improve our communities and future generations as well.

With this spirit in mind, let’s look at a dozen win-win strategies and tips for saving money during our retirement years while helping to leave a better planet for our grandchildren at the same time.

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Source: 12 ways to make your retirement better for the planet – MarketWatch

Pandemic Forced Millions of Workers to Retire Early

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Retirement is supposed to be a happy time, but Lucie Desmond expects there will be tears when her paperwork comes through.

Desmond, 62, has been a flight attendant for 36 years, most recently on the American Airlines route between Phoenix and London. But after repeated leaves forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, she has put in to retire much earlier than she had planned.

“I could have done that till I was 70,” Desmond says. “Then COVID hit.”Her friends who have already retired early from the airline went through the same anguish. “They cried. They literally cried,” says Desmond. “It hasn’t honestly sunk in yet. It’s very sad.

“There are also financial considerations. Although she’ll get a payout from the airline, “I won’t be getting my salary, so I have to dip into my savings.” She hasn’t yet decided when to claim Social Security, since monthly benefits are lower for people who claim them before they reach the program’s full retirement age.

Source: Pandemic Forced Millions of Workers to Retire Early

Why no Wall Street CEO went to jail after the financial crisis

“Millions of people lost their homes, their jobs and their savings during the financial crisis. The resulting recession destroyed over $30 trillion of the world’s wealth. Although the crisis grew out of big banks’ handling of mortgage-backed securities, no Wall Street CEO served time for it. So what happened? We spent the past year reporting on how the crisis changed America, and this was the question we were asked the most. On this special episode of Corner Office, we have the answer.”

Editor’s Note: There are 3 episodes in this series. You can listen to the first part at the link below.

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Source: Why no Wall Street CEO went to jail after the financial crisis