Linda Ronstadt on her new book ‘Feels Like Home’ : NPR

Published October 8, 20228:00 AM ET, Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday, Scott Simon Twitter

NPR’s Scott Simon speaks to singer Linda Ronstadt about her new book, “Feels Like Home,” which looks back at her family’s deep Southwestern roots.


Linda Ronstadt’s “Feels Like Home” is an album of loves for the high desert of Sonora and her hometown of Tucson, shown through photos by Bill Stein and pages of her own recollections of family and friends and even – or maybe that’s especially – recipes that bring family and friends together with echoes of each other.


LINDA RONSTADT: (Singing) It’s so easy to buy love. It’s so easy to fall in love. People tell me love’s for fools. Here I go, breaking all the rules. It seems so easy. It’s so easy. It’s so easy. Yeah.

SIMON: That’s just one of her 38 bestselling singles over a career that encompasses 24 albums, Grammy Awards, honors and big-time collaborators. “Feels Like Home” is written in collaboration with Lawrence Downes. And Linda Ronstadt joins us now. Thank you so much for being with us.

RONSTADT: Thank you for having me.

SIMON: I am dazzled by your description of what the sun feels like in Sonora.

RONSTADT: Feels like needles.

SIMON: Just really bores into you, doesn’t it?

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