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By Neely Tucker, May 22, 2022

— This is a guest post by Nathan Cross, an archivist in the American Folklife Center. It first appeared in the Library of Congress Magazine.

A Soviet tank rusts in the Afghan countryside. Photo: Dean Baratta. Veterans History Project.

Service members long have used photography as a means of capturing the essence of their experiences.

As technology improved, cameras became more available, and pocket-sized digital cameras gave service members in Iraq and Afghanistan the freedom to take hundreds of photographs without having to worry about running out of film.

Today, hundreds of those images are housed in the collections of the Library’s Veterans History Project. The project recently released a research guide focused on photo collections contributed by veterans of the global war on terror that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Joseph Beimfohr’s photos let viewers peek into his war.

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Source: War as They Saw It | Library of Congress Blog