bee sipping nectar on flower during daytime

Do we still need to save the bees? | Popular Science

Yes, and no, and yes.

By Philip Kiefer | Published Apr 18, 2022 6:00 AM

Yes. But maybe not how you think. Viesinsh/Deposit Photos

Around 15 years ago, a slogan began to appear on bumper stickers, license plate holders, and tote bags: Save the bees.

The sense that these pollinators—and the food system they support—were in critical condition was all-pervasive. In 2014, an online poll in the UK found that respondents ranked the decline of bees as a more serious environmental threat than climate change.

But do we still need to save the bees?The answer is complicated: The public began worrying about bees at a time when western honeybees were dying in alarming numbers from a mysterious syndrome, colony collapse disorder.

Now, their populations are much more stable. However, wild bees, which play an entirely different role in our food system and environment, are still in trouble.

Source: Do we still need to save the bees? | Popular Science