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15 of the Best Books for Seniors | Book Riot

By Tracy Shapley Towley, Apr 8, 2022

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When I was a kid, I thought my grandma was old.

She wore clothes I associated with older ladies, and she made cinnamon sugar toast for us when we went over there. She used mothballs! When my grandfather died, it turned out she didn’t know how to pump gas or write a check. And she was in her early 70s! That’s not even old! Why did I think she was old?

Is it just that the times were different and nobody was out there writing think pieces about how moms and grandmothers needed to flaunt their sexuality? Is it because I’m getting closer to my grandmother in age, and when I was a wee, tween, and teen I just lumped “older” into one category?

Or is this due to advances in healthcare and quality of living? I mean, my father-in-law is 72, and he’s perfectly capable of climbing a mountain if he wanted to (he doesn’t want to). But then again, he’s about 40% robot at this point, having had so many joint replacements.

Source: 15 of the Best Books for Seniors | Book Riot