Americans Have Discovered the Garden, and Celebrities Want In – The New York Times

Many of us turned to gardening for solace during the pandemic. Now Martha Stewart and Drew Barrymore want to guide us to green thumbs.

By Ronda Kaysen, April 16, 2021Updated 8:34 p.m. ET

Trisha Krauss

Last spring, as the world descended into a collective panic, Drew Barrymore planted her first lawn.

“I did not think I could do this,” said Ms. Barrymore, 46, who until last year did not include gardening in her exhaustive list of achievements.

And yet, the actress, writer, producer, businesswoman, mother and recent television host managed to make grass grow. “It was all barren. I got the water and the rake and the bag of seed and I waited weeks and watched it grow,” she said, speaking by phone as one of her two daughters vied for her attention in the background.