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Robert Bly, Poet Who Gave Rise to a Men’s Movement, Dies at 94 – The New York Times

His most famous, and most controversial, work was “Iron John,” which made the case that American men had grown soft and feminized. It made him a cultural phenomenon

By Robert D. McFadden, Nov. 22, 2021

Robert Bly in 1975. He was a prolific poet, essayist and translator and had been a galvanizing force in the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era. Credit…Gerard Malanga

Robert Bly, the Minnesota poet, author and translator who articulated the solitude of landscapes, galvanized protests against the Vietnam War and started a controversial men’s movement with a best seller that called for a restoration of primal male audacity, died on Sunday at his home in Minneapolis.

He was 94. The death was confirmed by his wife, Ruth Bly. From the sheer volume of his output — more than 50 books of poetry, translations of European and Latin American writers, and nonfiction commentaries on literature, gender roles and social ills, as well as poetry magazines he edited for decades — one might imagine a recluse holed up in a North Woods cabin.

And Mr. Bly did live for many years in a small town in Minnesota, immersing himself in the poetry of silent fields and snowy woodlands.

Source: Robert Bly, Poet Who Gave Rise to a Men’s Movement, Dies at 94 – The New York Times

How Do We Better Treat Chronic Pain? – The New York Times

The Pain Brain – Millions of Americans are living with chronic pain. A quiet revolution in research and treatment is finding new ways to help them heal.

By Erik Vance and others…

From article…

Even before the pandemic, about one in five Americans suffered from chronic pain.

After a year and a half filled with anxiety, grief and often sedentary behavior, that number has only increased. It is, of course, impossible to talk about chronic pain (typically defined as pain lasting longer than six months) in America without confronting another pandemic: opioid addiction.

With so few pain treatments available, many patients see their only options as continued anguish or risking a new, different sickness. In 2020 more than 93,000 people died from drug overdose, with about 70 percent caused by opioids. And opioids don’t always address the pain; only one in four chronic pain patients find enduring relief from painkillers.

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Source: How Do We Better Treat Chronic Pain? – The New York Times

Trump Organization Is Charged in 15-Year Tax Scheme – The New York Times

By Ben ProtessWilliam K. Rashbaum and Jonah E. Bromwich, July 1, 2021Updated 3:46 p.m. ET

Allen Weisselberg, center, surrendered Thursday morning at the Lower Manhattan building that houses the criminal courts and the district attorney’s office.Credit…Jefferson Siegel for The New York Times

The Trump Organization, the real estate business that catapulted Donald J. Trump to tabloid fame, television riches and ultimately the White House, was charged Thursday with running a 15-year scheme to help executives avoid paying taxes by compensating them off the books.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been conducting the investigation, also accused a top executive, Allen H. Weisselberg, of dodging taxes on $1.7 million in perks that should have been reported as income.

Mr. Weisselberg, Mr. Trump’s long-serving and trusted chief financial officer, faced grand larceny, tax fraud and other charges.

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Source: Trump Organization Is Charged in 15-Year Tax Scheme – The New York Times

What Should the New ‘Jeopardy!’ Be? Guest Hosts Provide the Clues. – The New York Times

Following Alex Trebek’s death, a parade of replacements seem to be battling for the soul of the game — and the state of knowledge itself.

By Amanda Hess, May 5, 2021

By Cari Vander Yacht

On a recent “Jeopardy!” episode, one of the contestants, Mike Nelson, alighted upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nelson — “an actor originally from Chesterton, Indiana,” as the “Jeopardy!” announcer Johnny Gilbert introduced him — selected an $800 clue that triggered a Daily Double.

It was Anderson Cooper’s first night guest-hosting the show, but Nelson had a different man in mind as he made his wager. “I’ve always wanted to say this,” Nelson said. “Let’s make it a true Daily Double” — and here Nelson closed his eyes and lifted his hands as if to signal for some kind of celestial field goal — “Alex.”

Source: What Should the New ‘Jeopardy!’ Be? Guest Hosts Provide the Clues. – The New York Times

These Materials Could Make Science Fiction a Reality

Metamaterials, which could improve smartphones and change how we use other technology, allow scientists to control light waves in new ways.

By John Markoff, April 27, 2021

James Yang

Imagine operating a computer by moving your hands in the air as Tony Stark does in “Iron Man.”

Or using a smartphone to magnify an object as does the device that Harrison Ford’s character uses in “Blade Runner.”

Or a next-generation video meeting where augmented reality glasses make it possible to view 3D avatars. Or a generation of autonomous vehicles capable of driving safely in city traffic.

These advances and a host of others on the horizon could happen because of metamaterials, making it possible to control beams of light with the same ease that computer chips control electricity.

Source: These Materials Could Make Science Fiction a Reality

Americans Have Discovered the Garden, and Celebrities Want In – The New York Times

Many of us turned to gardening for solace during the pandemic. Now Martha Stewart and Drew Barrymore want to guide us to green thumbs.

By Ronda Kaysen, April 16, 2021Updated 8:34 p.m. ET

Trisha Krauss

Last spring, as the world descended into a collective panic, Drew Barrymore planted her first lawn.

“I did not think I could do this,” said Ms. Barrymore, 46, who until last year did not include gardening in her exhaustive list of achievements.

And yet, the actress, writer, producer, businesswoman, mother and recent television host managed to make grass grow. “It was all barren. I got the water and the rake and the bag of seed and I waited weeks and watched it grow,” she said, speaking by phone as one of her two daughters vied for her attention in the background.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/16/realestate/americans-have-discovered-the-garden-and-celebrities-want-in.html