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A new PBS documentary offers a fresh look at a great and tragic writer who disappeared into a self-created macho stereotype

Hemingway with his cats in the 1940s.
Photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images
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Early next month, timed to the sixtieth anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s death, PBS will air Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s long-awaited three-part, six-hour look at this most iconic of iconic American writers.

In a culture where screens have beat out paper and ink as the medium for gathering information and in so doing have turned us into scanners with atrophied attention spans, it’s something of an irony that it would take the visual experience of a documentary—full of stunning archival photos and deft commentary by the likes of Edna O’Brien and Tobias Wolff—to inspire a return to the page to experience the work of the writer who, as Mr. Wolff puts it, “changed all the furniture in the room.”

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Source: The Man Behind the Hemingway Myth – WSJ