Best places to retire on the East Coast

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Best places to retire on the East Coast

By Stacey Marcus, Liz Barrett Foster

Whether you’re on the brink of retiring or fantasizing about your bucket list, Stacker rounded up East Coast contenders as you contemplate your retirement dreams. With both Northern winter climates and Southern sunny states, beautiful beaches, natural splendor, and a mix of affordable and upscale lifestyle options, the East Coast offers something for everyone. 

Using Niche’s 2020 Best Places to Retire (released in 2020) as a guideline, Stacker developed a list of what’s important to people thinking about retiring. Variables include weather, safety, housing expenses, and access to places like eateries, golf courses, recreation facilities, and health care. Listed here are numbers for the general population along with a look at percentages of people ages 55 to 64 and 65 and over, along with median household income, median household value, and median rent.

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