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Canadian Pacific Kansas City railroad megamerger would create the first Mexico-US-Canada rail network – CNN

A Canadian Pacific grain train makes its way toward Lake Louise in 2019.

By David Goldman, CNN Business

New York (CNN Business) – Two of North America’s largest railroad companies announced a merger Sunday that would connect freight customers to Canada, the United States and Mexico on a single network for the first time in history.

Canadian Pacific (CP) agreed to purchase Kansas City Southern (KSU) in a deal worth about $25 billion after discounting $3.8 billion of KCS debt that Canadian Pacific will take on.

It would combine two of the industry’s fastest-growing rail companies at a time when online purchases have soared, overwhelming ports and delaying shipments.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/21/investing/canadian-pacific-kansas-city-southern-merger/index.html

Idiot president fails again, FAA


So, it seems the man who doesn’t (or can’t read), denies climate change, doesn’t believe in science or reason or USA intelligence agencies.. has stopped jets from flying in our country.

The FAA is another agency this idiot man has corrupted, and made a joke around the world.

He did this to jump into the public eye, pretend he’s “leading,” pretend he’s in charge.

Another failure along the road to the worst presidency in our history, and destined to end in 2020 will the election of a real President, a real leader…

Make the Blue Wave..

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How I Rolled on the Crescent: New York to New Orleans by Rail

A Guide to National Park Libraries | National Park Foundation

Photo: National Park Service
Photo: National Park Service

Hiking, biking, and running through fields not your thing? Being a book nerd or preferring the indoors does not put one at odds with the wonders

Source: A Guide to National Park Libraries | National Park Foundation

America in Color | Smithsonian Channel

Witness American history, from the 1920s through the 1960s, like it’s never been seen before — in vibrant color.

Editor’s Note: If you get this channel, this show is recommended viewing…

Source: America in Color | Smithsonian Channel