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Retirement advice from actual retirees, tested in the real world | USA Today

By Catherine Brock, The Motley Fool, June 28, 2022

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The best advice you can get about preparing for retirement might be from those who’ve already done it: retirees.

In a new study from the independent Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), called Retiree Reflections (PDF), retirees share insights about their past financial decisions and current financial worries like inflation.

For instance, more than two-thirds (70%) of surveyed retirees regret not starting to save for retirement earlier. You might be able to use these insights to improve your retirement plan and head off some financial stress in your senior years.

Read on for three retirement plan action items inspired by real-world experience.

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Source: Retirement advice from actual retirees, tested in the real world

How much food should I feed my dog? How to keep your pup healthy | USA Today | Life

By Jacob Livesay, USA TODAY

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So you’ve come home from the shelter with a new puppy — or maybe a scruffy, old dog showed up on your doorstep.

However you ended up with this four-legged friend, how to feed and take care of it properly is likely one of the first things on your mind.

According to Wag, your dog could face unnecessary weight loss, lower energy, nutrition-related medical disorders and even death if you’re not feeding it enough food.

On the other hand, Born Free Pet Food says overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity, which is linked to heart and respiratory problems, as well as a shorter life — not to mention the money you’d be wasting on all that extra kibble.

How much should I feed my dog?

All dogs are different, but the best practice is to simply follow the instructions on your dog food bag.

The American Kennel Club says dogs should generally be fed twice a day, with a portion size based on your dog’s breed, size, age and health condition.

For example, according to Zignature dog food, you should normally feed a puppy about twice as much as an adult dog, since they’re more energetic and need lots of nutrients to grow up big and strong. Pregnant dogs also require more food than other adult dogs.

To determine portion size and your dog’s ideal feeding schedule, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian.

Source: How much food should I feed my dog? How to keep your pup healthy.

Coffee with sugar can be healthy, reduce death risk, study suggests | USA Today

By Mike Snider, USA TODAY, May 31, 2022

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Coffee drinkers, new research reinforces previous findings that your daily cup of joe may help you live longer – regardless of whether you add a bit of sugar.

Compared to non-coffee drinkers, regular consumers of unsweetened coffee were 16% to 21% less likely to die during a seven-year follow-up period, according to a new study in the May 31 edition of the peer-reviewed Annals of Internal Medicine.

Those who added sugar and drank 1½-3½ cups daily of sweetened coffee were 29% to 31% less likely to die, researchers said.

Source: Coffee with sugar can be healthy, reduce death risk, study suggests

Food prices up: Eggs, chicken, fruit more expensive | USA Today

By Jordan Mendoza, USA TODAY, April 13, 2022

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After the United States saw record gas prices last month, consumers can also expect to pay more at the grocery store and dining out as food costs are expected to rise, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts.

The USDA’s Food Price Outlook 2022, the agency’s Consumer Price Index for food which measures inflation, is up 7.9% from February 2021, the largest increase since May 1981.

In total, food prices at grocery stores and supermarkets are expected to increase 3%-4% this year after already seeing a 6.8% jump from January 2021.

Restaurant purchases are also 8.6% higher than in February 2021 and are expected to jump by 5.5%-6.5%.

Source: Food prices up: Eggs, chicken, fruit more expensive

Amtrak is replacing its fleet of trains: What riders can expect | USA TODAY

Amtrak’s new train fleet promises all the bells, whistles. Here’s what riders can expect.

By Tom Krisher, Associated Press, Updated July 14th, 2021

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DETROIT — Amtrak is betting big on a return of ridership. The nation’s passenger railroad wants to replace its nearly half-century-old fleet with state-of-the-art trains that can operate on electricity or diesel fuel.

It plans to spend $7.3 billion to buy 83 trains made by Siemens, with options to buy more if ridership increases. Funding must still be approved by Congress, but William Flynn, Amtrak’s CEO, says he’s confident it will happen.

If it doesn’t, then Amtrak will finance the trains and repay its debt with money from state train services and passenger fares.

The more efficient trains, which will be built in California, are scheduled to start running in 2024. They will have more comfortable seating, better ventilation systems, power outlets and USB ports, Wi-Fi and panoramic windows. Many can run on either diesel fuel or battery power when needed.

Source: Amtrak is replacing its fleet of trains: What riders can expect