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4 classic books that teach deep insights through unlikable protagonists

You can learn a lot about life through literature’s most unrespectable and heinous characters.

By Tom Brinkof, May 15, 2023

Unlikable protagonists come in many shapes and sizes. (Credit: laporteouvertedotme / Wikipedia)

In his book, “Save the Cat!”, Blake Snyder offers storytelling tips for aspiring screenwriters. His main piece of advice, from which the book gets its title, is to “save the cat.”

In short, Snyder argues that writers should introduce their protagonists by having them do something that demonstrates their key traits or moral code, which sometimes means the character does something to make the audience like them—like saving a kitten from a tree.

Likable characters, after all, can produce more compelling stories than unlikable ones. Snyder has a point. Likable protagonists engage the audience by making it easier to relate to their personalities and struggles. The more we root for a character, the happier we feel when they accomplish their goal, and the sadder we get when they don’t. Unlikable protagonists, by contrast, risk alienating their audience. At worst, we don’t care if they fail or succeed. At best, we actively want them to fail.

Source: Valuable lessons from literature’s most unlikable protagonists

Randall Kenan’s posthumous work: collecting my friend’s unfinished novel and uncollected essays after he died | Slate

By Daniel Wallace, April 03, 20235:50 AM

Illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo/Slate

When writers die, they sometimes leave a raft of unfinished work behind, in various stages of incompletion.

It’s not uncommon to find most of a book or a hefty number of poems, stories, or essays languishing in a desk drawer, where these things used to languish, or these days, on their laptops. When a writer of some note dies, there’s a brief burst of interest in him and his work, especially if he’s produced little for the last few years. You may even have assumed he was already dead, and discovering that he was alive is a double shock: forgotten but not gone.

Randall Kenan at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in 2017. Paul Ward/Sewanee Writers’ Conference

Regardless, this is when previously unpublished work enters the terrain of the posthumous. It’s impossible to know how much work is left behind by the dead, and of that, how much is work that’s “worthy” of posthumous publication, work to which attention should be paid. No novel is ever judged purely on its own merits: Marketing follows us into the afterlife.

Few want to publish a dead author’s book if that book’s prospects will be lessened by the fact that he will not be around to go on tour. Think of midlist authors (like me, for instance) who really aren’t all that terrifically popular when they’re alive, spending their careers clamoring (as only the living can clamor) for whatever attention they can get. Our books, posthumously, will be on their own.

To make matters worse, many writers leave some manuscripts “in progress” behind when they die, sometimes work of great potential. This doesn’t mean that it ever would have been finished or live up to that potential. All we can know is what didn’t happen and never will, because if one thing in life is certain, it’s that the dead can be depended on to contribute very little indeed.

Source: Randall Kenan’s posthumous work: collecting my friend’s unfinished novel and uncollected essays after he died.

How John Wick 4 Writer Broke in With His Extreme Spec Script | Final Draft

By Final Draft Blog, March 16, 2023

From article…

John Wick is one of the most visually spectacular and emotionally unrelenting action franchises around. Chapter 4 is about to hit theaters – part Western, part Kung Fu film, part Samurai story and part redemption tale, this genre mash up is thrilling, sexy, violent and – oh yeah, one hell of a good time.

From a screenplay by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, based on characters by Derek Kolstad, the latest sequel picks up after a tense cliff hanger in Chapter 3 only to bewitch the audience with another jaw-dropping twist at the end of Chapter 4. We sat down with writer Shay Hatton to find out more about his writing process and the unconventional spec that landed him the job writing for the John Wick films.

Source: How John Wick 4 Writer Broke in With His Extreme Spec Script

Twitter > Gone

By DrWeb, November 27, 2022

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