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Science Fiction For Crime Lovers: a Beginner’s Tour ‹ CrimeReads

Or, a look at five great scifi novels that also happen to be pitch-black noirs.

April 13, 2022, by Adam Oyebanji

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“I can’t read science fiction. It’s not real.”

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say that—or something like that—when I try to explain my love of a genre chock full of alien invaders, interstellar spacecraft, and gun-toting princesses, alien or otherwise.

There is something so “out there” about SF that many readers never give it a chance.

If so, you’re missing out. Science fiction is “out there” because it sets its stories in a world that isn’t necessarily ours. Sometimes in a universe that has nothing to do with the one where you’re reading this article.

Daunting for the non-nerd? Sure. But think about it this way. If the whole universe is your playpen, you can write any story you want. Any story. A love story? Sure. Starcrossed lovers from warring worlds, for starters. A swashbuckling adventure? Ditto. Isn’t that Star Wars after all?

And crime novels? Absolutely. Wait. What?

Source: Science Fiction For Crime Lovers: a Beginner’s Tour ‹ CrimeReads