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The book battle is escalating, with library funds on the line : NPR

May 4, 20235:02 AM ET, Heard on All Things Considered By Tovia Smith

Otter Bowman is one of many library staffers around Missouri scrambling to enact new policies around books selected for young readers. Libraries that don’t comply risk losing state funding.
Anna Huffman/Anna Huffman

The decibel level is climbing as some 20 preschoolers sprawl out on an alphabet-pattern carpet for story hour.

One toddler, who’s new to the group, is having a bit of a meltdown, so Otter Bowman, a library associate at the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia, Mo., goes for the surest trick she has and starts talking about “Junior,” the library’s bookmobile.

As usual, it gets the kids’ attention and the gaggle settles down so Bowman can begin story hour. “Hello! I’m Ducky Duckling,” she reads. “When I feel happy, I say, ‘Quack! Quack!’ ” The kids cackle and quack back.

Source: The book battle is escalating, with library funds on the line : NPR

Banned and Challenged: Restricting access to books in the U.S. : NPR

A series on books that are facing challenges to their placement in libraries in some areas around the U.S.

Special Series

Banned and Challenged: Restricting access to books in the U.S.

First in series…

Author George M. Johnson: We must ensure access to those who need these stories most

All Boys Aren’t Blue, a memoir for teens and young adults about growing up Black and queer, appeared on many “best books” lists when published in 2020. It’s being challenged in some U.S. counties.

Source: Banned and Challenged: Restricting access to books in the U.S. : NPR

The hobbies we were really into this year : NPR

December 24, 2022, 8:01 AM E, By Analise Ober and Arielle Retting

Josie Norton for NPR

Joy is a core value at NPR. Something we talk about at our news meetings in seeking out stories, and something we know we need more of than ever.

So this year we launched I’m Really Into, a space to celebrate our unique hobbies and interests.

In this series, our journalists share a hobby that brings them joy, what drew them to it, and what it says about their shared community. We’ve heard from people who found a new passion in the pandemic, as well as people who persevered and continued finding ways to do what they love. We also heard from thousands of readers like you, and we are continuing to share the hobbies that bring you happiness.

Here are some of your favorites, and you can see the full catalog here.

Source: The hobbies we were really into this year : NPR

NPR’s 10th year of Books We Love! offers 400+ new reading recommendations : NPR

Posted November 22, 2022; Washington, D.C. – Books We Love!

NPR’s Books We Love! is back for a 10th year.

NPR’s biannual, interactive reading guide – is back for its 10th year with 400+ books published in 2022!

Mix and match tags including “Book Club Ideas,” “Eye-Opening Reads,” and “Kids’ Books” to browse titles hand-picked by NPR staff and trusted critics.

Click back through a decade of recommendations to find more than 3,200 books – we’ve got your next favorite read and something for every person on your holiday shopping list. Discover the books that comforted, challenged, and captivated us this year.


“There were so many great books published this year, and we’re excited to once again bring readers recommendations from our staff and freelance critics,” said Meghan Collins Sullivan, NPR’s senior books and culture editor. “This guide pulls together all of our favorite books from 2022, from a group with many varying individual interests, so readers are bound to find something that they love, too.”

This year’s recommendations come from employees across NPR including Ari Shapiro, Ayesha Rascoe, Bob Mondello, Elise Hu, Eric Deggans, Juana Summers and more. Books are featured along with links to coverage from NPR and NPR member stations.

Happy reading!

Source: NPR’s 10th year of Books We Love! offers 400+ new reading recommendations : NPR

Busting 5 common myths about water and hydration : Life Kit : NPR

By Aaron Scott Twitter, Summer Thomad, Updated October 13, 20229:34 AM ET

Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

Drink eight glasses of water a day. Coffee will make you dehydrated. Drinking extra water can help you lose weight.

You’ve probably heard these claims about water and hydration before. But are they true?

To set the record straight, Life Kit talks to Tamara Hew-Butler, associate professor of exercise and sports science at Wayne State University; Mindy Millard-Stafford, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Georgia Tech; and Yuki Oka, a professor of biology at Caltech who specializes in thirst.

They explain the science of hydration and bust 5 common myths about water.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/09/21/1124371309/busting-common-hydration-water-myths

Linda Ronstadt on her new book ‘Feels Like Home’ : NPR

Published October 8, 20228:00 AM ET, Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday, Scott Simon Twitter

NPR’s Scott Simon speaks to singer Linda Ronstadt about her new book, “Feels Like Home,” which looks back at her family’s deep Southwestern roots.


Linda Ronstadt’s “Feels Like Home” is an album of loves for the high desert of Sonora and her hometown of Tucson, shown through photos by Bill Stein and pages of her own recollections of family and friends and even – or maybe that’s especially – recipes that bring family and friends together with echoes of each other.


LINDA RONSTADT: (Singing) It’s so easy to buy love. It’s so easy to fall in love. People tell me love’s for fools. Here I go, breaking all the rules. It seems so easy. It’s so easy. It’s so easy. Yeah.

SIMON: That’s just one of her 38 bestselling singles over a career that encompasses 24 albums, Grammy Awards, honors and big-time collaborators. “Feels Like Home” is written in collaboration with Lawrence Downes. And Linda Ronstadt joins us now. Thank you so much for being with us.

RONSTADT: Thank you for having me.

SIMON: I am dazzled by your description of what the sun feels like in Sonora.

RONSTADT: Feels like needles.

SIMON: Just really bores into you, doesn’t it?

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Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/10/08/1127631118/linda-ronstadt-on-her-new-book-feels-like-home