A Day in the Life: Reference Librarian at a Public Library

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An hour-by-hour account of an average day in the life of a reference librarian serving adults at a busy public library.

Editor’s Note: I used to be a reference librarian at a major urban public library, and this is a pretty decent overview of a typical day, although most were not typical.

Source: A Day in the Life: Reference Librarian at a Public Library

‘The Library Book’ is a delightful love letter to public libraries – CSMonitor.com

The Library Book
By Susan Orlean
Simon & Schuster
336 pp.

New Yorker journalist Susan Orlean continues her usual practice of captivating readers by investigating her own obsessions.

“Unexpectedly engaging sections are tied to architects and landscaping and budgets, plus the overwhelming modern challenges of homelessness and mental illness. (“Every problem that society has, the library has too, because the boundary between society and the library is porous…,” Orlean wrote.) We learn how “teen departments” evolved and about the delicate politics of loaning out music scores, and hear some of the odd questions asked of the reference desk pre-Google; “they read like synopses of a play; each one seems like a snapshot of life that concluded with someone saying “Let’s just call the library!”

Source: ‘The Library Book’ is a delightful love letter to public libraries – CSMonitor.com

Patience & Fortitude…

Patience & Fortitude…

In these times of backward steps in our Democracy and our Nation, I try and remember we’ve been in dark times before, and we survived, and came back stronger..

Like these wonderful iconic literary lions at the New York Public Library, Patience and Fortitude, we need to have patience that our system, our laws, our institutions will endure, and remember that our Nation has lasted nearly 300 years.

And we need the strength of lions, like Fortitude, in the days of “fake news”, lies, deceit, and corruption.

The facts, the truth, will prevail.. I have faith, and hope, and patience, and fortitude. Please vote this year, and each year. Your voice matters for America…

Hurricane Preparedness 2018

..with focus on North Carolina and South Carolina

With Hurricane Florence coming, likely landfall by Thursday, September 13, 2018, I wanted to provide some links about preparedness, especially for those in North Carolina and South Carolina. I have family and friends in the likely impacted areas, and I know they will be getting ready. Hurricane preparedness is something you do if you live in those areas of the East Coast, and can make a big difference to people in an impacted area. My own preparedness experiences was mostly the wildfires in Southern California area. Good planning and preparing makes a lot of difference, and can save lives…

Screenshot, 9/10/18, The Weather Channel

North Carolina Hurricane Preparedness (PDF)https://www2.ncdps.gov/div/pao/HurrGuideFront08.pdf

South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness (PDF)http://scemd.cdn.missc.net/media/1282/2018-hurricane-guide_website.pdf

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHE), Hurricanes and Floods Web sitehttps://scdhec.gov/disaster-preparedness/hurricanes-floods

Ready NC Web site (includes link for app)https://readync.org/EN/Index.html

NC 2-1-1, Disaster Preparedness and Assistancehttps://www.nc211.org/disaster-preparedness-and-assistance

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) Hurricane Guidehttps://www.postandcourier.com/hurricane-guide/

Hurricane Preparedness, Mecklenburg County, NC (Charlotte)https://www.mecknc.gov/HealthDepartment/Preparedness/Pages/Hurricane%20Readiness.aspx

Hurricane Preparedness, Oak Island, NChttps://www.oakislandnc.com/emergency-info/hurricane-preparedness/

Hurricane Preparedness, Myrtle Beach, SChttp://www.cityofmyrtlebeach.com/departments/construction_services/hurricane_preparedness_plans.php

Hurricanes, Emergency Management, Horry County, SChttps://www.horrycounty.org/Departments/Emergency-Management/Hurricanes

National Hurricane Preparedness, National Weather Service (NWS)https://www.weather.gov/wrn/hurricane-preparedness

Hurricane Seasonal Preparedness Digital Toolkit (Ready.gov)https://www.ready.gov/hurricane-toolkit

Hurricanes (FEMA) (includes link to app)https://www.ready.gov/hurricanes