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Howard Johnson’s restaurants were once all over America. What happened? | Democrat & Chronicle

By Alan Morrell, June 13, 2022

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Once found all over the country, what happened to the Howard Johnson’s in Brighton?

At one time, Howard Johnson’s restaurants were as ubiquitous in the American landscape as the McDonald’s golden arches have become.

Communities throughout the country were dotted with the signature orange porcelain roofs, blue shutters and trademark weathervane atop.

Customers flocked there for frankfurters, clam strips and the 28 ice cream flavors. The chain peaked at more than 1,000 by the late 1970s, with local restaurants in Brighton, Greece, Gates and Henrietta.

One of the best loved was at Twelve Corners in Brighton, which was as much a place to meet and greet as to eat.

“Every election day, we would get there at 7 in the morning and then come back at the time the polls closed,” said Louise Novros, an emeritus member of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. “When it closed, there was a big hullabaloo, because it was a landmark. It was the place.”

The Brighton Howard Johnson’s (or Ho Jo’s, as the chain became known) opened in 1940 and stuck around until 1985. Ray Tierney III remembered it well. His family ran Tierney Super Duper at Twelve Corners for more than 30 years, right behind the Howard Johnson’s.

Source: Howard Johnson’s restaurants were once all over America. What happened?

America’s last Howard Johnson’s restaurant has closed – CNN

By Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business, Updated 1:51 PM ET, Wed June 1, 2022

Howard Johnson’s Restaurant in Lake George, New York in a 2015 photo.

New York (CNN Business)

The last surviving Howard Johnson’s restaurant has closed.

Open for most of the past 70 years, the restaurant was located in Lake George, New York, a popular summer vacation spot near the Adirondack Mountains.

\The restaurant closed its doors in recent weeks and the property is up for lease, according to a local affiliate.”Lake George is officially dead,” a Howard Johnson’s fan wrote on Facebook, adding several pictures of the abandoned restaurant.

“Cobwebs on the door. Right before Memorial Day rush up here.”

The longtime roadside staple had about 1,000 restaurants in the 1960s and 1970s, and it was once America’s largest restaurant chain. Instantly recognizable for its orange roofs, the diners served 28 types of ice cream and became a part of American culture. “Mad Men” recreated the restaurant to film a scene.

But Howard Johnson quickly found itself in the shadow of McDonald’s(MCD) and other fast-food chains that maximized efficiency and better managed supply chains. Marriott(MAR) bought a crippled Howard Johnson in 1985, selling hundreds of the brand’s hotels and about 200 restaurants to Prime Motor Inn. That company sold the restaurants to other chains, and they lost the “HoJo” name.

By last decade just a handful of Howard Johnson restaurants were still operating: the Lake George location, along with one in Lake Placid, New York, and another in Bangor, Maine. The Lake Placid restaurant closed in 2015, and the Bangor location shut its doors in 2016.

Source: America’s last Howard Johnson’s restaurant has closed – CNN