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The hobbies we were really into this year : NPR

December 24, 2022, 8:01 AM E, By Analise Ober and Arielle Retting

Josie Norton for NPR

Joy is a core value at NPR. Something we talk about at our news meetings in seeking out stories, and something we know we need more of than ever.

So this year we launched I’m Really Into, a space to celebrate our unique hobbies and interests.

In this series, our journalists share a hobby that brings them joy, what drew them to it, and what it says about their shared community. We’ve heard from people who found a new passion in the pandemic, as well as people who persevered and continued finding ways to do what they love. We also heard from thousands of readers like you, and we are continuing to share the hobbies that bring you happiness.

Here are some of your favorites, and you can see the full catalog here.

Source: The hobbies we were really into this year : NPR