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Geeky Hallmark: Our 30 Fave Sci-Fi Christmas Ornaments

From Star Wars and Spider-Man, to Aliens and Mario, we’re having a pop culture Christmas.

By Germain Lussier, Published December 6, 2022

This ornament is definitely not a piece of junk.
Photo: io9/Germain Lussier

When we bought a second tree, it was officially a problem. I’ve loved sci-fi and pop culture my entire life. So, when I was young, my mom started taking me to Hallmark each year to buy a few of the latest Keepsake ornaments. Even after I moved out, each year I’d give her a list and that year’s ornaments were part of my Christmas presents. Sadly, my mom passed away in 2020, but our tradition for pop culture Christmas ornaments continues. In fact, it may have gotten worse.

After completely covering a 7.5-foot tree for the past several years, this year my wife and I decided to buy a 10-foot tree to go along with the 7.5-footer. And, even though I’d estimate 100 or so ornaments are still in my childhood home where I left them, we were still able to fill the big tree, with the smaller one reserved just for ornaments I bought this year.

What follows is a slideshow of my favorites from this emotional but obviously expensive obsession. Some of these were released by Hallmark this year and are still in stores. Others are long retired. But there’s a little bit of everything in here. Check it out.

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Source: Geeky Hallmark: Our 30 Fave Sci-Fi Christmas Ornaments