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The Feature That Makes Google Maps the Best Navigation App | Auto Evolution

While Google Maps has evolved to become a stand-alone platform that offers super-advanced capabilities, many people out there still use it solely for the navigation component.

Published 23 Oct 2022, 19:06 UTC, By Bogdan Popa

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In other words, they still believe that Google Maps is, first and foremost, a piece of navigation software, and without a doubt, they aren’t wrong.

Google Maps offers an impressive feature lineup on this front, as it’s able to get you from point A to point B safer, faster, and more convenient. And with features like eco-friendly routing, Google Maps can also reduce the carbon footprint of each vehicle, therefore, contributing to fuel saving and more economical driving.

But on the other hand, what truly makes Google Maps the best navigation app is… the satellite mode.

While some people out there might think otherwise, satellite navigation makes the experience behind the wheel a lot more convenient. And it’s all because of the way it works.