Tips for How to Be a Digital Nomad, No Matter What Age

By Vivian Chung | February 1, 2022

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The fear of being lonely, the inability to access quality healthcare, and being that one old dude among a sea of twenty-somethings at a hostel are just a few of the concerns older prospective digital nomads face.

But with the pandemic prompting many to rethink their priorities in life and now trying to make up for lost time, some are gravitating towards the freedom of becoming a digital nomad—despite concerns that they don’t quite fit the “typical” profile of the young, free-spirited, party going, traveling content creator.

With the collapse of the travel industry and the shuttering of hotels as a result of the pandemic, 43-year-old Pedro Richardson lost the majority of his income as a travel blogger and hotel consultant.

With the desire to maintain his standard of living, he moved from his home in London in August 2020 to destinations with favorable exchange rates and pursued the digital nomad lifestyle full time. Having lived in Ukraine, Serbia, and now Turkey, he creates SEO content for hospitality and destination-focused websites based in the US and Europe.

Source: Tips for How to Be a Digital Nomad, No Matter What Age