An Introduction to The Solarpunk Genre | Book Riot

By Emily Wenstrom, Mar 23, 2021

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While a great deal of science fiction involves gloom, doom, and cynicism about humanity’s fate (Apocalypse! Dystopia! Grimdark!), there are bright spots of optimism within the genre.

Meet solarpunk.What Is Solarpunk?

The overall vibe of the solarpunk genre is often described as inspired by Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Afrofuturist motifs. Illustrations of solarpunk landscapes often look hypermodern, light, airy, and colorful, but can also be rich in elegant detail.

Most of all, everything is so, so green. Just covered in leaves. Like Ewoks moved into the Watergate. Along with this visual style, the spirit of solarpunk is one of craftsmanship, egalitarianism, and optimism where technology can be put to work to solve our greatest problems.

Editor’s Note: Includes mention of classic solarpunk novels, and some newer ones.

Source: An Introduction to The Solarpunk Genre | Book Riot