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Stacy Keach on Playing Hemingway | The Hemingway Society

Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway

“Stacy Keach joins the show to reflect on his legendary career, particularly his portrayal of Hemingway on the stage, in the classic miniseries, and in his audio recording of short stories.

“Keach compares the art of acting to the act of writing and gets to the heart of Hemingway’s knack for conveying emotion in spare prose.  He reflects on the many adaptations of Hemingway novels and his friendship with George C. Scott and John Huston.  He also offers insights into Hemingway’s psychology and destructive habits.

“As a special bonus, hear Keach’s brilliant read of our “one true sentence” introduction!

“This episode was recorded on 08/08/2019.”

Source: Stacy Keach on Playing Hemingway | The Hemingway Society

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