College Towns Can Be Attractive Later in Life – The New York Times

I always wished when I retired, that I would live in a college or university town — places like Chapel Hill, NC, or perhaps Charlottesville, VA — places like that. I guessed they would be in the South, where I grew up, born and bred, as we were fond of saying, back in the old days..

I would tell people, when it came up or I mentioned it, that college towns would be great for retirement.. you can go to the sports’ games in town, hang out with older friends/alumni; you can attend free lectures (open to the public); you can often see foreign or art films for free (open to the public or small fee); you can attend classes, lifelong education would keep you young in mind and spirit; and so on.. I had a whole list of benefits for living in a “college town” ..

Las Vegas has UNLV and some other colleges, too,, so I guess it has some aspects of a college town, too.. I should explore their classes, adult activities, free lectures or films or performances.. see what’s there.. it’s on the to-do list… 🙂