The Greatest Quotes of Mycroft Holmes

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It’s no wonder that co-creator Mark Gatiss elected to play Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft himself – the character always gets the best lines. From dry one-liners to the occasional admission of emotion, Mycroft is one of the most quotable characters on Sherlock. Here are 15 of his greatest lines. If we’ve left your personal favourite off this list, please let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.



“Most people blunder around this city and all they see are streets and shops and cars. When you walk with Sherlock Holmes you see the battlefield.”

‘A Study in Pink’



“Here be dragons.”

‘His Last Vow’



“I barely know him. I met him… yesterday.”

“Mmm, and since yesterday you’ve moved in with him, and now you’re solving crimes together. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

‘A Study in Pink’


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