Touring New York, With ‘Mad Men’ in Mind –

”Mad Men” ends its run on Sunday night, and a toast is definitely in order. Martinis and Manhattans are among the cocktails made for the occasion, New York City the optimal locale.

A “Mad Men” tour of New York might start with a martini at Sardi’s (featured in Season 2), either the Little Bar on the main floor or the larger bar on the second called Club Sardi, but open to all. Upstairs, you get a view outside of the marquees for “Matilda” and “Mamma Mia” on West 44th Street, and inside of a gallery of caricatures — Bob Hope! George Hamilton! Marlo Thomas! The bartenders, in burgundy Sardi’s jackets, are pleasant, and a martini with Stolichnaya is $14.15 (tax included).

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