Memories – Favorite Places – Pittsburgh

Memories – Favorite Places  – Pittsburgh

Years ago, I was a “special librarian,” and a member of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) for many years. Since I worked then for a chemical company that involved food processing as a major product line, I was a member of the SLA’s Division known as FAN, Food, Agriculture & Nutrition. After a while, I was involved in planning our annual conference meetings and events.

While attending the Special Libraries Association 81st Annual Conference, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June 9-14, 1990, I fell in love again with the city of Pittsburgh. I had dated a young girl from there back in college, and knew a bit about it, and its history. Fond memories of that June summer on the streets downtown around the hotel, and the hospitality suite FAN had in the hotel for attendees. I remember the incline and being on top at night.. beautiful city on the rivers…

Duquesne Incline from the top
Duquesne Incline from the top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One fun thing we always did at SLA conferences was day trips, usually on the last day of the conference. They were visits to local area treasures or sites, maybe a local special library we’d visit, etc.

At Pittsburgh, we visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous building and home site known as Falling Water.. it was the most amazing visit, a hidden jewel in the lands around the city.  I bought a water color sketch, and framed it, and it hangs in my living room now. Every time I look at it, I remember the house, the city, the time that was…