Chatting with Jack McDevitt

Jack’s my favorite sci-fi writer.. good interview!

Jane Lindskold: Wednesday Wanderings

JANE: This week, as an early holiday gift to all of you, I’m offering an interview with Nebula Award-winning author and personal favorite, Jack McDevitt.

(Turns to face victim.)

All right, Jack, ready to go?  Here’s my first question.

Some of Jack's Works Some of Jack’s Works

In my experience, writers fall into two general categories: those who have been writing stories since before they could actually write and those who came to writing somewhat later.

Which sort are you?

JACK:  I knew from my earliest years that I wanted to write SF. Started my first novel at about eight. The title was The Canals of Mars. You might be surprised to hear that it didn’t sell. In my early teens I submitted a story to F&SF, and got an encouraging reply from Anthony Boucher. But I didn’t realize how much that meant. I won the Freshman Short Story Contest at LaSalle, and thought…

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