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Bethany’s Top Five Reads of 2014


Bethany has been of our fearless booksellers here for four months. Hit her up for recommendations of obscure classics and general literature. When she’s not slinging books, she’s at home, hanging out with her dog, who she loves very, very much. 

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

If, like me, you missed being assigned The Bluest Eye in high school, or if it’s been a while since high school, or if you consider yourself homo sapiens, you should drop whatever you are doing and read or reread this book. It’s not just one of the best I’ve read this year; it makes the top five reading experiences of my life. Toni Morrison unflinchingly describes horrific acts in prose of breathtaking beauty—and humanizes the people who commit them. You may be immersed in experiences you’ve never had and identify with characters whose lives are very different from yours, but in Morrison’s early-1940s…

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