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Trumpfiles2020 ..new blog…

Update: February 10, 2021 ..I’ve archived and retired the Trumpfiles blog, and that is the reason for the gap in my archives.. I was away working on the Biden-Harris election as best I could and the site to get out the truth about Trump.. I resumed working on my main blog, DrWeb’s Domain in February, 2021…

Editor’s Note: I’ve been away from my blog a while; apologies.. life, quarantine, coronavirus have intervened.. I’ll be back, to quote Arnold.. meanwhile, see below for my new blog for the 2020 Presidential Election in November, 2020.. please take a look, follow, like, etc.

Screenshot of my new blog, Trumpfiles2020…

I have a new blog, started in April, 2020, in support of Joe Biden, and telling the truth about Trump.. You can view and follow the blog at:

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