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Editorial: What Democrats should do if Republicans block the Capitol riot commission

Chronicle Editorial Board, May 19, 2021Updated: May 19, 2021 3:48 p.m.

Capitol officers point guns at a barricaded door as rioters try to breach the House chamber on Jan. 6.Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Such an independent, bipartisan body could be a powerful force for a broader understanding of a low point in our history born partly of a disappearing consensus about basic truths.

But if McConnell’s Republicans and the Senate filibuster are allowed to block the panel, Pelosi’s Democrats should form a select committee on the attack, which would be partisan by definition but better than conceding to a whitewash.

As former McCarthy lieutenant Liz Cheney noted last week, ignoring the lie will only embolden the liar.

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How to Practice | The New Yorker

What I had didn’t surprise me half as much as how I felt about it.Illustration by Karlotta Freier

By Ann Patchett, March 1, 2021

I wanted to get rid of my possessions, because possessions stood between me and death.

I started thinking about getting our house in order when Tavia’s father died. Tavia, my friend from early childhood (and youth, and middle age, and these years on the downhill slalom), grew up in unit 24-S of the Georgetown condominiums in Nashville. Her father, Kent, had moved there in the seventies, after his divorce, and stayed. Over the years, we had borne witness to every phase of his personal style: Kent as sea captain (navy peacoat, beard, pipe), Kent as the lost child of Studio 54 (purple), Kent as Gordon Gekko (Armani suits, cufflinks, tie bar), Kent as Jane Fonda (tracksuits, matching trainers), Kent as urban cowboy (fifteen pairs of boots, custom-made), and finally, his last iteration, which had, in fact, underlain all previous iterations, Kent as cosmic monk (loose cotton shirts, cotton drawstring pants—he’d put on weight).

Source: How to Practice | The New Yorker