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Anna Rosling Rönnlund: See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income | TED Talk | TED.com

“What does it look like when someone in Sweden brushes their teeth or when someone in Rwanda makes their bed? Anna Rosling Rönnlund wants all of us to find out, so she sent photographers to 264 homes in 50 countries (and counting!) to document the stoves, bed, toilets, toys and more in households from every income bracket around the world. See how families live in Latvia or Burkina Faso or Peru as Rosling Rönnlund explains the power of data visualization to help us better understand the world.”

The Most Beautiful Country in the World | VisitScotland

Scotland has been voted the most beautiful country in the world by the readers of the popular travel guides Rough Guides (2014). Here are 20 of our best images we’ve captured in the last 12 months that prove this.

Source: The Most Beautiful Country in the World | VisitScotland