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Las Vegas set to come out of Covid-19 better than ever | CNN Travel

Matt Villano, CNN • Published 14th April 2021

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas opened this March.
Courtesy Virgin Hotels

(CNN) — More than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, this desert city is looking bigger, bolder and better than ever.

New casino resorts, innovative restaurants, expanded convention space and one-of-a-kind cultural destinations characterize the latest iteration of Las Vegas, which continues to reinvent itself in the face of adversity.

Heck, Elon Musk even built an underground tunnel and transport system that’s opening soon.

Featured image caption: The pool at Circa Resort & Casino is called Stadium Swim. Rum Tongue Media/Courtesy Circa Resort & Casino

Source: Las Vegas set to come out of Covid-19 better than ever | CNN Travel

In the Sky This Month | StarDate Online

Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

The stars of winter are marching toward the end of their annual evening run.

Orion is in the southwest at nightfall as April begins, for example, but is quite low in the west as the Sun begins to set by month’s end.

Sirius, the Dog Star, is to the lower left of Orion.

It’s the brightest true star in the entire night sky, so even though it’s quite low, it sparkles beautifully as it drops from view in the evening for another year.

Source: In the Sky This Month | StarDate Online

National Library Week | Conferences & Events

Image from ALA

National Library Week 2021:

Welcome to Your Library –The theme for National Library Week (April 4-10, 2021), “Welcome to Your Library,” promotes the idea that libraries extend far beyond the four walls of a building – and that everyone is welcome to use their services.

During the pandemic libraries have been going above and beyond to adapt to our changing world by expanding their resources and continuing to meet the needs of their users.

Whether people visit in person or virtually, libraries offer opportunities for everyone to explore new worlds and become their best selves through access to technology, multimedia content, and educational programs.

Editor’s Note: See the page for ideas, graphics to use, ideas for promoting your libraries during NLW…

Source: National Library Week | Conferences & Events

The Writer’s Almanac for Friday, March 5, 2021 | Garrison Keillor


“The law has nothing to do with justice, and injustice can’t be left unchallenged. So I decided to be a writer” – Leslie Marmon Silko, born this day in 1948…

Source: The Writer’s Almanac for Friday, March 5, 2021 | Garrison Keillor

What’s Up – March 2021| Skywatching tips from nasa

Mar 03, 2021

What are some skywatching highlights in March 2021? Look for Mars close to the Pleiades in the first couple of weeks of March. Then wake up early to observe the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which return as morning planets this month.

Additional information about topics covered in this episode of What’s Up, along with still images from the video, and the video transcript, are available at https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/whats-up-skywatching-tips-from-nasa.

Source: What’s Up – March 2021